Weave Hair Extensions vs Clip In Hair Extensions

Many girls select weave hair extensions to add length and thickness to their hair and there are certainly numerous ways of wearing hair extensions now ... from having them glued in or weaved to micro loops or clip ins...there isn't a shortage of ways to lengthen your locks, but what we want to know is....whats the best option for your beloved hair?!

A lot of people have been questioning weave hair extensions and how good or bad they are for your hair, and since I've had a fair few I thought it was only right I let you all know the 411!

A weave hair extension is pretty simple to create - a plait is created using your own hair and a strand of extension hair, it then goes across the head going from one edge to the other and meeting in the middle of the head. Starting at the bottom and finishing usually at the top of your ears so you’re left with around three to four rows in your hair. Depending how many can fit on your head and if the stylist thinks it will work.
On each row of a plait, two or three maybe four wefts of hair are sewn into the plait using thick cotton to ensure it stays secure... and that is pretty much it! Once the hair is sewn in it’s secure and free for you to style and wear as you would any other extensions.


All is well for a week or two, but then your natural hair growth will start to show, and the weave hair extension begins to drop. As your hair grows, the plait across your head becomes much looser, causing the plait to hang down and you will find it is no longer attached to your head. So you have to go back to have it re-tied to keep up with your own hair growth. Due to this it becomes quite expensive...up keep is usually half of what you originally paid, but nine times out of ten you will want new hair as it becomes quite matted after being constantly in your hair... so that’s another fee to think about.

When you go for weave hair extensions they will generally tell you to treat it like your normal hair, advising that you can wash it as if it were your own...this tends not to be the case. If you were to wash your weave twice, three times a week or every other day the weave would drop at quite a quick rate ... as I have witnessed first hand!! So then you’re left washing just the top of your hair to save the plaits dropping at an extortionate rate. This is quite irritating, as you can imagine, and due to the hair constantly being attached to your head the underneath of the hair becomes tangled, matted, and dare I say it...generally feels greasy ...Ew! But as you’re always rocking around with the hair attached to your head doing daily and normal things like going to the gym...or going on a night out...cleaning the house...working up a bit of a sweat... the hair underneath is what suffers most and then you are forced to wash the whole of your hair to achieve clean and softer hair again.

It doesn't end there either....taking weave hair extensions out is HELL if you don’t have the time to go to the salon. As you’re left with dangling hair that is visible for all to see it becomes embarrassing! So you take matters into your own hands and attempt to take it out yourself. Well I put the matter in to my friend’s hands and after hacking away at the thread trying not to snip any hair off in the process, my dear friend managed to free me from the weave. Yaaay!!

When it first came out I’m not going to lie...I felt bald. As we lose hair everyday we never really notice, but when you have weave hair extensions, the hair isn't free to just fall out willy nilly so it becomes stuck in the plait that the weave is secured to so when you take it out literally chunks of hair come with it too... going from having long, thick hair extensions to your own (thinner-than-it-would-have-been) natural hair, you don’t feel too good.

Weave hair extensions are great for not having to make time clipping in hair extensions every morning and they are constantly in your hair so it’s pretty much like having your own long hair which is good... but I think the negatives out weigh the two good points by far!

After having weave hair extensions, I then transferred over to clip in hair extensions as they are the least damaging for your hair...no more damaging than tying your hair back into a tight ponytail...which is just what i needed as I wanted to carry on wearing hair extensions, but needed a safer and kinder solution … so clip-ins it was! I can take them out after a night out or if I'm going to the gym...or if I’m just lounging around the house and they’re not needed. They are not constantly attached to my head so the life span of hair extensions when used as clip ins increases as you are able to take care of them a lot more. Clip in hair extensions also allow me to achieve much more volume and thickness compared to my weave hair extensions, they are so much easier to style and you can switch it up a bit by clipping them in different ways. I couldn't think of anything more that I would want!

Clip-ins are so easy to use and style - thickness, length and texture can easily be achieved and most importantly.... it is the kindest option for your hair!!! Do it girls, get a full head of clip-ins for lovely thick and healthy hair!!

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