What Is Remy Human Hair?

What is Remy Human Hair?What’s unique about HK Hair extensions is that they are made with the best hair in the industry, Remy Human Hair. Take a look at why HK Hair extensions are so special as we explain exactly what Remy Hair is.

Remy Human Hair is the highest quality of real, human hair available and is used to create our beloved HK Hair extensions. It is the finest hair possible as the hair is carefully sorted after collecting from hair donors to make sure that all the cuticles are facing in the same direction.

The hair is considered the best type of hair for clip in hair extensions as it creates the natural look which we all desire. The natural appearance is achieved by preserving as many of the human hair cuticles as possible and keeping them intact and aligned in the same direction as your hair, which helps them to blend well with our growing locks. This also helps the hair to stay super soft, tangle-free and most importantly, convincingly natural.

Another advantage of HK Hair being made from Remy Human Hair, is that it means our clip in hair extensions can be styled just like our own, growing hair. Therefore, the HK Hair extensions can be styled using heated styling tools to keep them looking their ultimate best! However they do require additional love and care to maintain their condition and to help them last longer.

We love Remy Human Hair and our HK Hair extensions wouldn’t be the same without it! What else would you like to know about our HK Hair extensions? Pop a comment in a the comments area below!