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Blonde clip in hair extensions

Blonde Hair Extensions

Our blonde shade collections are:

Light Blonde Hair Extensions

There are three light blonde hair extensions to choose from:

L.A. Blonde: Light ash blonde hair extensions. The ash tones are mixed with sandy flecks for an iridescent look, often described as ‘champagne blonde’.

Paparazzi: Our lightest white blonde hair extensions with highlights. A good choice if your hair has a mixture of very light and white blonde highlights.

Oh My Gwen Stefani: Light bleached blonde hair extensions. Suitable if your own hair is lightened with a full-head bleach or if you want to use a toner to create an ice-blonde colour.

Medium-light Blonde Hair Extensions

In our mid-to-light blonde collection, you have three shade choices:

Second Base: A versatile hair extension colour made with a mixture of light blonde highlights on a medium blonde base colour.

California: A neutral and sunny blonde base with light blonde highlights.

Parisian Dreams: Warm, wheaty-copper undertones with sunny blonde highlights.

Medium Blonde Hair Extensions

There are three medium blonde shades to choose from.

Rich and Famous: A medium blonde base with highlights and light brown lowlights.

St Tropez: Medium golden-blonde hair extensions, sometimes described as ‘strawberry blonde’.

Weekend In Malibu: Medium natural-blonde hair extensions made with neutral, sandy tones.

Dark Blonde Hair Extensions

If you have dark or ‘dirty’ blonde hair, there are two dark-blonde hair extensions to choose from:

With A Tan: Dark blonde hair extensions often described as ‘dirty’ blonde. A very blendable colour due to the tones reading as both cool and warm.

She Stole My Look: Dark blonde hair extensions with light brown lowlights and medium blonde highlights. Often referred to as ‘bronde’, the colour consists of a beautiful blend of browns and blondes.

Blonde Ombre Hair Extensions

There are three blonde Ombre hair extensions to choose from.

Surf’s Up!: Beautiful sandy-blonde roots that melt into a light sunny-blonde.

Bel-Air Baby!: Chocolate brown roots that blend into a medium-light blonde.

Oh My Ombre: Light blonde ends graduating to chocolate-brown and black roots.

Milk + Blush hair extensions are made with Multi-Tonal Shade Adapt. In 2006, our founder invented the colouring technique, which makes hair extensions more blendable. It’s a special process that mixes slightly lighter and darker strands of hair together, helping your extensions to blend, even if your hair colour is slightly different.

Our professional stylists can help you with your shade match questions. Please email: [email protected]