Hair Extension Lengths

Shop Milk + Blush hair extensions by length to find the perfect product for you. We offer hair extensions between 12-inches to 24-inches, so everyone can boost their length and volume effortlessly. All our hair extensions are lightweight and comfortable, regardless of length, making them ideal for wearing all day and night. And our clips are durable for repeated wear.

To find the perfect hair extension length for you, measure from the top of your ears – roughly where the extensions will clip in – then measure down the length of your desired set. This will show you where the extensions will sit on you.

Remember to consider your height, too. Shorter hair extensions may still appear longer on those with petite frames. For more help choosing the perfect hair extension length, read our guide.

All our hair extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair, so you can treat and style them in the same way as your real hair.

Hair extension lengths to suit you

Choose your perfect hair extension length:

12-inches - our shortest hair extension length, designed to sit just below the shoulders.

16-inches - our 16-inch hair extensions are ideal for adding length to shorter hair and are designed to sit just above the bust

20-inches - our 20-inch hair extensions add length while remaining easy to blend and are designed to sit just below the bust

24-inches - our 24-inch hair extensions are designed for those with longer hair and typically sit around the waist

All Milk + Blush hair extensions come pre-trimmed, blending effortlessly with your existing hair. This means they’re ready to wear out of the box, too, making them perfect for your next night out.

For help finding the right hair extension length to suit you, speak to our friendly team today.

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