12-Inch Hair Extensions

Enjoy thicker, fuller hair with 12-inch extensions from Milk + Blush. Our 12-inch hair extensions are our shortest product and are designed to sit around the shoulders. This makes them perfect for boosting thickness with shorter hair and wearing down. Our 12-inch clip-in hair extensions are discreet and durable, designed to fit flat to the scalp for a virtually undetectable finish. And high-quality silicone clips and stitched wefts clip in and out effortlessly for repeated wear with practically no shedding.

All Milk + Blush hair extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair, so they blend effortlessly with your natural hair and can be styled and treated in the same way.

Our 12-inch hair extensions come in a range of colours to suit everyone. Browse our selection below to find the perfect product.

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