How To Go Longer Between Hair Washes

Imagine if you never had to wash your hair again? It would be so good! And we’d literally save a lifetime if we didn’t have to blow-dry. Unfortunately, that isn’t quite doable, but stretching out the gap between washes definitely is. If you’re someone who shampoos everyday, then you’re going to have a long way to go but it’ll be totally worth it and could help to improve your hair health too. Here’s what you need to do...

Pick the right shampoo

Over stripping or overloading your hair with shampoo will only make it more greasy, so you need to choose one that will gently cleanse your hair without throwing it off balance. You definitely want to avoid sulphates or clarifying shampoos as they will strip all the oil from your scalp and make it produce even more. The same goes for heavy, oil based shampoos that create a lot of product buildup and really weigh down your hair. Instead, go for something like the OUAI Repair Shampoo which will gently cleanse your locks and leave them feeling fresh and weightless.

Don’t condition your roots

It’s important to use the least amount of product on your scalp as possible to avoid weighing down your hair if you want it to last longer between washes. Conditioners can be quite heavy, so you really want to keep them on the mid lengths and ends and avoid your roots.

Spend more time on your blowdry

Restyling your hair will make it greasy way quicker, so getting your look down on day one will make a huge difference. A classic bouncy blowdry will set your hair in place and give it some extra volume, which is perfect for disguising oily roots so this is a good go to. You also want to use a blow dry balm or a heat protectant with some hold to prep your hair so that it has the best chance of lasting. If a blow dry is way too complicated, then you can curl or straighten your hair on the first day instead and then maintain the style until you wash your hair next.

Prep your hair for bed

There’s no point in spending hours on a blow dry or styling your hair if you’re just going to ruin it in your sleep. Re-styling every morning will make your roots more greasy, so it’s worth prepping it right to avoid the hassle. It’s also best to tie your hair in a low pony or bun using a scrunchie or an Invisibobble, as they don’t leave kinks. Alternatively you can twist your hair up into a really high bun for loads of volume in the morning, or a very loose braid to preserve your curls. You might want to switch to a silk pillowcase too, as they’re way less drying than cotton ones and won’t make your scalp produce more oil.

Don’t touch it

Ok, ok so we’re all guilty of playing with our hair too much, but it’s actually one of the biggest causes of greasy hair, so now is a good time to stop. Touching your hair transfers the oils from your fingers onto your hair, so it’ll get greasy a lot faster if you keep playing with it.

Dry shampoo in the evening

If you’re looking to go longer between washes then you’re definitely going to need some dry shampoo! Rather than applying it in the morning, you want to do it the night before so that it has loads of time to sink in and do its magic. This will also help to give your hair more volume and you won’t be left with any white residue either, yas!

Brush it

Brushing helps to distribute the oils from your scalp down the lengths of your hair to keep your roots looking fresh. You don’t want to overdo this, but once or twice a day in the morning or evening is perfect. The best thing to use is a boar bristle brush, as it really helps to shift the oils from your scalp and is nice and gentle on your locks.

Nail the 3rd day hairstyles

There are some hairstyles that work better with 3rd day hair and will help to disguise your roots and work with the texture. Sleek hairstyles like a low bun or a glossy pony are perfect, as they work with the shine of your hair and don’t require a lot of volume. Braids are also a really good shout, as they help to build texture which will disguise your roots.

We hope this makes things way clearer and that our quick hacks will help to save you loads of time and give you a few extra days between washes. If you loved this, then you might want to check out our two other posts on what to do with greasy hair or essential dry shampoo hacks too.