Egg White & Honey Face Mask Tutorial & Benefits

Beat the 'lurgy' by giving your skin a healthy glow this week with our egg white & honey face mask.

With our skin and bodies prone to this season’s autumnal germs, we’re doing everything we can to help our skin fiend for itself, whilst holding onto that summer glow.

All you need to make this egg white & honey face mask is:
- One egg (egg white only)
- One tablespoon of honey

How to:

Crack the egg white of an egg into a bowl and pour in a tablespoon of honey, before mixing together. Once both ingredients are combined, tie hair back and lather the face mask onto your face, avoiding the eye area. Leave the face mask on until it begins to tighten and then rinse away with water. Your pores should feel tightened and skin should be deeply cleansed.

Now we know that egg whites aren’t the most appealing ingredient to lather onto our faces, but do you know the benefits of them? Not only are they a great source of protein for our bodies, egg whites also help to tighten pores and prevent an accumulation of dirt, which causes blackheads and acne breakouts. By removing exces oil, they’re also proven to improve skin tone, especially dryness, leaving skin with a healthy, desirable glow.

The honey is also beneficial in a face mask, as it is a natural antibacterial that helps to sooth and moisturise skin, whilst softening the face for a smooth, flawless finish like no other cosmetic can do.

We adore indulging in face masks this time of year, especially this egg white & honey face mask, as it helps our skin to adapt to the seasonal changes. Which face masks do you like to pamper yourself with during the autumnal months?

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