How to Wash Your Hair Extensions

Including what you shouldn’t do…

It’s fair to say that human hair extensions are def’ an investment. Whilst they are a tad pricier than synthetic hair, Remy extensions come with an extended lifespan, so you can sport glossy, luxe lengths for longer (provided you follow the correct care and maintenance routine!).

Part of that maintenance routine is cleaning your clip-ins. However, contrary to common belief, we do not recommend washing your M+B extensions. So how should you be cleaning your clip-ins? Keep scrolling to find out the best ways to refresh your set…

Why is washing your hair extensions risky?

We get it, human hair extensions are made from the same material as your own natural hair, so it would make sense to wash them in the same way you would your own tresses, right? Wrong. Your M+B extensions, despite being made with 100% Remy human hair should not be washed, unless it is a last resort. 

Why? Unlike your natural hair, extensions do not receive the same natural supply of nourishing oils and nutrients from the scalp, meaning that they can become dry if the moisture is stripped from washing processes and products. Not cute.

How should I clean my human hair extensions?

Milk + Blush

Are your extensions looking in need of a little TLC? We got you.

The best part about cleaning your M+B extensions is that you only need one product, our Silicone Spritz spray. This one bottle wonder is specially formulated to keep your hair extensions silky soft and nourished whilst creating a protective barrier against damage. What’s not to love?

How to use:

  1. Remove your clip-ins and hang them from a hair extension hanger.
  2. Pump a couple of sprays of the Silicone Spritz into your hands and rub them together to distribute the product.
  3. Run through the mid-lengths and ends until evenly dispersed.
  4. Use a loop brush to detangle and smooth the product through.
  5. Once applied, leave to hang for around 12 hours.
  6. After 12 hours have passed, spray a salon-grade heat protectant (suitable for hair extensions) over the lengths. Leave to dry for a few minutes.
  7. Heat up your straighteners (up to 185c/365f) and run them through your extensions to help seal in the Silicone Spritz and make the hair feel super smooth and glossy.

Repeat every week, month or whenever you feel like refreshing your set! Note that if you stick to only a minimal amount of lightweight products, you shouldn’t have to use the Silicone Spritz too frequently.

Still have questions? Pop a message over to our lovely hair experts at [email protected] for further advice!