How to Wash Your Hair Extensions


One question we get asked all the time at M + B is how do you wash your hair extensions? Our answer? You don’t :)... Read on to find out why and what we advise to do instead of washing your hair extensions. (Spoiler: It’s smells soooo nice, leaves your hair extennies super soft and is so much easier - win, win!)

Okay so first things first. You’re probably thinking why don’t you advise us to wash our Milk + Blush Hair Extensions? What about all of the hairspray that I use? What about all of the product build up? What if they smell like a night out and I need to wash away thy sins? Don’t fear, gals. You can completely freshen up your locks using a Silicone Coating Spritz/Sealer without having to wash your hair extensions (we’ll get back to the Silicone Products in a moment!).

In the meantime, let us just clear up why we don’t advise to wash your hair extensions. Hair Extensions don’t have the natural supply of oils and nutrients that our own growing hair does, therefore they don’t really need to be washed like our natural hair. If hair extensions are washed too often, the result will be lacklustre, frizzy locks which, let’s face it - no one wants.


Now, back to the Silicone Coating Spritz/Sealer for Hair Extensions. These little gems are our absolute favourite hair extension product like, ever. Your hair extensions will feel as fresh as ever after using the spritz or sealer on your hair extensions.  What’s even better? You can freshen up your hair extensions on a daily/weekly basis using the Silicone Coating Spritz For Hair Extensions. Not only that, it’s also so easy to use. All that you need to do is spray the Silicone spritz into the palm of your hands a couple of times, rub your hands together and then distribute evenly throughout the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Once applied with your hands, be sure to brush through with a loop brush to ensure that the product is distributed evenly. Once applied, leave your hair laid out flat overnight on a towel. The next morning, straighten your hair extensions (use a heat protector first of course). Using the straighteners will help seal the Silicone Spritz into your hair extensions for a flawless finish. Once straightened, style and wear as normal. Ugh - how easy? No more soaking the place washing your beloved hair extensions, watching intently as they dry. Instead a nice quick and easy application that you can undertake much more frequently to ensure that your M + B Hair Extensions are always feeling and looking oh so fresh.


You’re probably wondering about the Silicone Coating Sealer, so let us clear some things up for you. The Silicone Spritz is great to use as a daily maintenance product, we think that the sealer is best to use when your clip in hair extensions are in serious need of some TLC! The silicone-based sealer is used to coat and seal the hair shaft to lock in moisture and eliminate tangles to leave you with silky smooth extensions. Now, we know that on the product it states to wash and condition hair before using this, or that it can be used in between washes - but, as we advise to not wash hair extensions we have come up with another method which works perfectly on Milk + Blush Hair Extensions. It’s basically the same method used for the Silicone Spritz, however instead of spraying the product into our palms we use a pea sized amount of the sealer. Again, we’ll rub our hands together to distribute the sealer and work our hands through the hair from root to tip. Following the same method as before, leave the hair overnight to ensure that all of the product is absorbed. The following day, straighten the hair to seal all of the product in - then style as normal. Ta-daaaaah. Hair better than freshly washed hair at the ready!


If you’ve ran out of your Silicone Spritz/Sealer and have some product build up, the simplest thing to do to get rid of the product is to…. Brush your hair extensions. Yep - it really is that easy. Take your loop brush and one weft at a time, begin brushing the ends of your hair extensions and work your way up. You’ll soon notice the difference and your hair extensions will feel much softer. If your hair extensions are a little sticky from all of the products used (naughty!) be sure to let the product dry before brushing this out of your hair extensions.

Have you tried the Silicone Spritz on yours yet?