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Tape In Hair Extensions Guide

Want luxurious locks in as little as 45 minutes? Tape in extensions could be the perfect option for you. Lightweight, non-damaging and lasting up to 6 months, it’s no surprise why many are now switching out traditional extensions for tape ins. So, before you head to the salon, from application to care, take a look at our complete guide to tape in extensions… Continue reading.

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Hair Treatments You Can Do At Your Desk

  We get that if you’re busy at work then your hair isn’t going to be a priority which is why we’ve found a few ways you can boost your strands from the comfort of your desk. Obviously, these will depend on how strict your office is but we’re sure you’ll be able to fit in a hair pick me up when your boss is on lunch... Continue reading →

7 Ways You're Ruining Your Hair Extensions

We chat to our customers every day about hair extensions, styling tips and advice but we’re also here to help them when they’ve had a hair related disaster. From burning their set to bleaching it and even putting it in the washing machine (not kidding) we’ve seen a lot of sad hair extensions. There are, however, a few mistakes that come up way more often than others and that are the main reasons why you’re ruining your hair extensions. So, to help any of you out there who really want to care for your set, we thought we’d share them here and hopefully save some hair in the process... Continue reading →

Tutorial: Get Negin Mirsalehi’s Hair With Extensions

negin-mirsalehi-hair-extensions Whenever someone asks what we wish our hair looked like, Negin Mirsalehi always comes to mind. Her long, thick, impossibly glossy mane is beyond perfect and we’d pretty much do anything to achieve that level of hair goals. As impressive as it is that hers is totally natural, not all of us were blessed with super thick hair and need the help of hair extensions to make it happen. Today we’re going to break down her look and give you all the products you need to get her insta worthy vibe, you’re welcome… Continue reading →

Does Exercise Help With Hair Growth?

We’re guessing that your hair wasn’t the first reason you joined the gym or started going to a workout class but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hair benefits. Sure working off your daily coffee and croissant habit is important but working out will give your hair a serious boost too.  Continue reading →

Itchy Scalp Causes And How To Fix Them

itchy-scalp-causes Having an itchy scalp can be so infuriating, especially when it’s constantly causing you to scratch, leading to even more irritation. As the weather gets colder our skin is going to take even more of a hit, so now is the time to really target these problems before they get worse. Mostly, scalp irritation is caused by mistakes we’re making in our hair routine or harsh products that cause skin sensitivity. These problems are easily fixed, especially once you figure out the main cause and make some changes. So to help we’ve put together some of the main culprits and a few products to fix them... Continue reading →

Tutorial: How to Clip In Our Luxurious Set Hair Extensions

how-to-clip-in-luxurious-hair-extensions-1-milk-and-blush-blog One of the most important things when wearing hair extensions is making sure that you’ve clipped the wefts in the right place. This is what will make them look totally natural and seamlessly blended. We often get questions about placement which is why we’ve decided to do a dedicated post on clipping in each set so that you know you’re doing it right. Today we’re sharing with you guys how to clip in our thickest set, the Luxurious.  Continue reading →

Hair Extension Terminology You Need To Know

Hair extension terminology is something we use every day here at M+B but if you’re new to clip-in extensions, we get that it can be confusing. From wefts to sets, seamless extensions and blending, there are a lot of words that might not make sense if you’re picking up your first set. To help you navigate your way, we thought we’d make a quick list to get you guys clued up on the details.  Continue reading →

L'Oreal Dream Lengths Heat Mask Product Review

Tried-and-Tested--L'Oreal-Dream-Lengths-Heat-Mask Who doesn’t love a hair mask? Seriously. Not only do they make your strands look a million times healthier but they’re also the best excuse to have a pamper night in. Not only that, but they’re the best way to pump your hair with moisture if you’ve been using too much heat. This is why we were so excited to try the new L’Oreal Heat Mask for our Tried and Tested series. It promises to intensely nourish and repair your hair in just 10 minutes, perfect if you’re too busy and need a quick fix. Continue reading →

How To Prep Your Hair For The Colder Weather

how-to-prep-your-hair-for-the-colder-weather So while we soak up the very last of the sunshine we thought it was time to start planning our routines for the colder months. Prepping your hair before the weather changes is a great way to prevent damage and to keep it looking healthy. Continue reading →

Why Does My Hair Look So Dull? Causes & How To Fix

hair-extensions Glossy hair means healthy hair, right? Right. How shiny, or not so shiny your hair is looking is 100% an indicator of its overall health. Dullness is a sign that it’s lacking in moisture, damaged or too overloaded with product so it’s definitely something you need to be aware of. Most of the time it’s more to do with your bad hair habits than anything else but knowing why it happens will help you to avoid causing more damage in the future. Continue reading →

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