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Tape In Hair Extensions Guide

Want luxurious locks in as little as 45 minutes? Tape in extensions could be the perfect option for you. Lightweight, non-damaging and lasting up to 6 months, it’s no surprise why many are now switching out traditional extensions for tape ins. So, before you head to the salon, from application to care, take a look at our complete guide to tape in extensions… Continue reading.

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Heatless Hairstyles: How to Air-Dry Your Curls

“At first, I was really skeptical. Heatless hair hacks never ever work on my hair, I usually wake up in the morning and my hair could be mistaken for a bird's nest. But this hack looked a little different to others I tried so I thought I'd give it a go!” Mastering the perfect curl is a difficult task in...

How To Dye Your Hair at Home Until You Can Visit The Salon Again

Have you suddenly had the realisation that you were due a trip to the salon in the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown? Don’t panic. Sorting out your own roots can’t be that hard, can it? While dyeing your hair at home has always been a gamble (we’ve all had a nightmare experience with a box dye…), in recent years at-home...

7 Ways to Work Productively From Home

Like many others, the team here at Milk + Blush are working from home. We know that this can be quite a struggle for some, and we’re certainly missing being back in the office surrounded by creativity, motivation and positive vibes (not to mention our work besties!). We’ve had lots of team discussions about what we’re doing to keep productivity...

Hair Care for Self-Care

During this uncertain and confusing time, we are all taking steps to improve our daily habits around wellness and self-care; from trying new online workouts, practicing yoga & meditation, to making better food choices and thinking of new ways you can spend your time at home.  So, why should we care about what we look like if we’re staying inside...

How To Get A Salon-Style Bouncy Blow Dry At Home

How to get a salon blowdry at home Wishing you could get that perfect salon blow-dry at home? Well wish no more, Milk + Blush Babes. If you’ve ever gone to the salon for a blow-dry, then you know the amazing, powerful feeling caused by the amount of bounce, volume and shine in your hair. We’re here to show you how to get that amazing blow dry - all by yourself. It’s really simple if you use the right hair tools, you just gotta know how!  Continue reading →

Milk + Blush Meets...Hairstylist Erickson Arrunategui

He’s worked with the likes of Beyonce and styled at New York Fashion Week, extension specialist and industry favourite, Erickson Arrunategui, shares with us his top hints and tips so you can slay your hair game in 2020. Continue reading →

Vegan Hair Products: Haircare That Actually Cares

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard the word ‘vegan’ in the last couple of years. If you’re wondering what it actually means, The Vegan Society defines it as “a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.” Continue reading →

How to Maximise your Dry Shampoo for Fantastic Hair

*DISCLAIMER* no shower needed. The beauty Gods certainly gave us a small miracle in delivering Dry Shampoo. For most, dry shampoo is the saviour for mornings where you just cannot be bothered to get out of bed to wash your hair, but for others, dry shampoo is perfect for adding volume to your roots. Continue reading →

Recreate Our DIY Pearl Hairclips

diy-pearl-hair-clips-1 This week in the M+B studio we created some gorgeous pearl hairclips using nothing but a glue gun and lots of creativity! The hair clip trend is growing and growing and the more clips you can cram into your hairstyle, the better. You only have to look at Justine Marjan's Instagram feed to see how much a few clips can elevate your look and it's an easy way to make it look like you're a hairstyle guru. Continue reading →

Milk + Blush Meets... Laura Gibson

laura-gibson-hair-colourist With it being the start of a new decade, we're guessing you're thinking about making some big hair changes. So, who better to chat to this month than colourist Laura Gibson. She's one of our go-to accounts for colour inspiration and her transformation videos are nothing short of mesmerising. This month she's filling us in on how to fix a hair disaster and the hot tools you need to invest in... Continue reading →