How Much Hair Should You Be Losing In The Shower?

how-much-hair-should-i-be-losing-in-the-shower-blog-milk-and-blushThe shower scene in Psycho compares in no way to watching a clump of your hair run down the plughole. Shedding strands is something we talk about a lot, whether it’s in our hairbrush, on our pillow in the morning or creating a new carpet on the floor but we’re often a bit confused as to what’s normal.

According to scientists and beauty gurus you should naturally shed between 50-100 strands per day. This sounds like a lot but considering you have around 100,000 strands all together it’s nothing in comparison. The amount your hair sheds can fluctuate slightly too. Stress, switching up your diet and warmer weather can all affect your follicles in different ways.

how-much-hair-you-should-lose-in-the-shower-milk-and-blush-hair-blogThen why are we losing so much hair in the shower?

The thing is, if you’ve been wearing your hair up all day or haven’t brushed it yet then it figures all those loose strands are going to find their way out now. This is especially true for curly hair as they can get trapped in the waves and be hard to shift. Roughing up your hair while shampooing loosens them and can also cause a few more strands to shed but that’s nothing to worry about either. As we’re all trying to wash our hair less now it makes sense that we would see more shedding in the shower too. So, it’s actually not that scary after all.

If you want to check whether your hair loss is healthy take a closer look at the hair that’s shedding. If it’s roughly the same length as the rest of your hair and has a white bulb at the top then it’s natural and is falling out to make room for new hair growth. However if you find smaller pieces of your hair are snapping off then this could be a sign of damage. The only time you really need to worry is if the fallout is increasing or you start noticing bald patches, otherwise it’s totally normal.

We hope this cleared up some of your anxiety about hair loss and that you’ll feel way less stressy next time you spot a strand on your shoulder or see a clump on your pillow.