7 Reasons Why Your Tape-Ins Are Slipping and Falling Out

Tape-In extensions are one of the best ways to enjoy longer, thicker locks for longer. Lasting up to 8 weeks, this style of semi-permanent extension attaches securely to your natural locks with a damage-free adhesive. However, this lasting-power is completely dependent on the quality of your application and maintenance.

Wondering why your tape-ins are slipping out? Read below to learn more…

Oily Hair

Tape-ins must be applied to clean, product-free hair to ensure maximum longevity. The adhesive used to apply your extensions cannot stick securely to unwashed hair, as your natural oils can weaken the bond. Show your tresses a little TLC by cleansing the night before or morning of your appointment to prep for your new luxe lengths!

Note that if your hair is naturally oilier, your tape-ins may not last as long as promised. Not to worry though! You can easily have your extensions reapplied with fresh adhesive when needed.

Damp Hair

So you’ve cleansed and refreshed your hair ready for your appointment but your hair is still damp. Ensure for maximum hold by starting with dry hair, as the tape adhesive cannot stick to damp roots.

Product Build-Up

Before reaching for the leave-in conditioner or other products, note that product build up can be a leading cause of your extensions falling out. Products with oil and alcohol are some of the worst formulas to apply to your new hair, as these break down your tape-in adhesive.

Poor Application

Poor application is one of the most common reasons why tape-ins fall out, so to avoid any bad hair days, make sure you have a professional install them for you. Booking in with a salon means that you will have a super secure and sleek finish that will make you feel as good as you look.

A good stylist will apply your tapes with precision, sectioning the hair neatly to then apply the perfect amount of hair in between each adhesive - super fiddly!

Treating/Washing Your Extensions Right After Application

To ensure your tape-ins set and seal, it is important to wait at least 48 hours before washing or treating your hair. Getting your extensions wet before this time can weaken the adhesive, causing them to slide.


As important as it is to keep on top of your hair wash routine, it is just as important to avoid overwashing. Washing your tape-ins too much can break down the adhesive just as much as your natural sebum, so stick to no more than 3 times a week!

Poor Quality Hair

Another reason why your extensions may be falling out is because the tape-ins you are using are poor quality. All Milk + Blush tape ins are made from the highest grade Remy human hair with salon standard adhesive to ensure you can enjoy princess-like hair for weeks!