Clip in Hair Extensions Myths BUSTED

clip-in-hair-extensions-myths-bustedToday we're busting some of the biggest myths about hair extensions, prepare for your mind to be BLOWN.

They give you big scary bald patches

So not true. In fact clip in hair extensions are the safest way of wearing extensions and don’t cause any damage to your hair. The horror stories you’ve read about no doubt come from people making big mistakes. The worst ones are sleeping in your hair extensions (ultimate sin!), not clipping them in properly or not brushing from the ends with a loop brush. We also don’t recommend wearing your hair extensions all day everyday. We know you gotta slay but remember to take a break and let those locks breath.

It’s dead people’s hair

Now before you start freaking out, this is also totally false. Our hair extensions are Grade A Remy (living) Human Hair which is ethically sourced and of the highest quality. We only purchase from suppliers who we can trust and have built a great relationship with so we know we’re giving you the best.

Everyone will know you’re wearing them

Here at Milk + Blush we’re all about finding a perfect and natural match for your hair. If it’s obvious someone is wearing hair extensions it’s normally because they haven’t colour matched or blended them in properly, not just because they’re wearing extensions. It’s actually really easy to get a natural finish but if you’re struggling just read our post on blending for the best tips or have a look at our video about blending hair extensions.

Hair extensions stop your natural hair from growing

Have you ever heard of hair clips stopping your hair from growing? Nope, neither have we because this is a definite myth. In fact lots of customers like to wear hair extensions while growing out a bad haircut or even just until their natural hair is the length they want it. Hair extensions in no way damage the follicle and won’t limit or stop hair growth at all. Panic over.

They’re really uncomfortable

If you clip your extensions in properly you won’t even feel they’re there. Often customers worry about the weight of the wefts but if your hair is thinner just go for a lighter or shorter set. Our Classic Set has been upgraded with new Seamless Wefts which are super comfortable and less bulky than the normal wefts. If your scalp is particularly sensitive, a good tip is to lower the clips rather than having them directly at your roots. This will give your hair a bit more room to move and it’ll feel more comfortable.

Hair extensions are only for making your hair longer

There’s a misconception that hair extensions can only be used to make your hair longer but actually there’s a lot more to it than that. Extensions can add a lot of volume to thin or short hair and picking up a set in the same length as your natural hair is perfect for this. You can also use them to create amazing up-do’s in short hair, perfect for a wedding or prom. You can see some more ideas in our Prom Hairstyles video. Lastly, extensions can be used to add some colour if you don’t want to commit to anything permanently. Just check out our ombre styles for example. You can add a blush of blonde, grey or even green without spending 9 hours getting bleached in a salon. Dreamy.