Heatless Hairstyles For Short Hair


This week’s tutorial is for all you Milk + Blush Babes rocking short hair. Who’s up for taking a break from heat styling and trying out some super cute heatless hairstyles?

It’s a common misconception that hair extensions are only for gals who want super long hair. Here at Milk + Blush we know that short hair needs some loving too so this week we’re showing you how you can utilise M+B Hair Extensions to make your lobs and bobs fuller and thicker and there's not a heat tool in sight!

For all of these super gorge heatless hairstyles I’m rocking my Milk + Blush Classic Seamless Set in the length 12-14” which has been custom toned  and trimmed slightly to match the length of my lob. Simply consult your stylist if you want your hair extensions trimmed and layered to match your own shorter hair.

Quick and Easy Texture

If there's one thing that just works for shorter hair it’s texture. A textured lob is the ultimate “I woke up like this” look which we all love at M+B HQ and when you don’t want to reach for those styling tools you can easily create dreamy texture with the right products and technique.

Simply clip in your Milk + Blush Set and grab a flexible hairspray and comb. Start by backcombing your hair at the root then mist your hairspray over the lengths of your hair and scrunch just like you would scrunch mousse into your hair. This technique gives you a messy, beachy texture which is perfect for shorter hair. Plus it’s a great last minute hair fix if you just don’t have time to style your hair with a hot tool.


The Messy Top Knot

Need we say more? We all love a good top knot - it’s heatless, gets your hair out of your face and is seriously sweet!

As well as adding wefts to the bottom section of hair for thickness you can also add a weft or two to your top knot to make it bigger. Just section your hair at the front and clip in a weft here or tie the top section of hair up into a ponytail and clip in a weft or two around the base before you twist the hair into a bun. Perfect for those lazy days!


Twisted Crown

This is one of those hairstyles that you’d see on Pinterest and think it would be waaaay too complicated to recreate, but the truth is it’s actually way easier than it looks. You just create two rope braids and connect them at the back of the head to form a crown shape and it looks ridiculously pretty!

You can also easily customize this hairstyle by adding texture to the lengths or even adding some hair accessories.


Bardot Half Up

For this heatless hairstyle we have none other than the fabulous Brigitte Bardot to thank. The 60’s style volume on top teamed with relaxed tresses is a hair trend that comes back time and time again and it’s great for adding volume and interest to short hair.

This hairstyle is also a great transitional look from day to night. It’s perfect for school and work as it gets your hair out of your face and it’s even better for an evening look with that amazing volume - simply put in your fave earrings, rock a red lip and you’ll be feeling super glam!


Swept Back With a Difference

This is swept back hair with structure. We saw Rosie Huntington Whiteley rocking this hairstyle on the red carpet and we just had to try it on short hair. It’s the perfect combination of elegant and edgy and we can guarantee that people will be asking you how you achieved the look.

All you need are your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions, a comb, hairspray and a few bobby pins to achieve this red carpet worthy look.