Seamless Hair Extensions

Achieve longer hair instantly with Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions from Milk + Blush. Our extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair and come in a variety of shades to perfectly match your current style. As the name suggests, our seamless hair extensions are designed to clip effortlessly into your existing hair, with a flat silicone strip that attaches closer to your parting without detection, for a natural look. All our seamless hair extensions come pre-trimmed, so they’re ready-to-wear – giving you authentic thickness and fullness in seconds. And they’re designed to attach without fuss, saving you time getting ready for days and nights out. Our seamless hair extensions come in four lengths, ranging from 12-inches to 24-inches, to suit any style.

Authentic and undetectable

Milk + Blush seamless extensions are lightweight for comfort, without compromising on quality. Our clip-in extensions are designed to be worn all day and night without feeling like you’re wearing clip-ins. And as we use high-quality Remy human hair and silicone wefts, our luxury hair extensions are durable with virtually no shedding. You can also style and treat our extensions as you would your existing hair, curling and straightening without damaging the product.

For extra help finding the perfect seamless extensions to suit your hair, speak to our team of hair extension experts today.

Or browse our selection of Quad Clip-In Hair Extensions to find the perfect product to complement your style and colour. All our extensions come in a range of lengths and colours.

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