Heatless Faux Perm


This week we’re bringing you all things big hair with a step by step guide on how to create the ultimate faux perm. Yes you heard us right, we said perm.

The word ‘perm’ has for some time conjured up memories of bad 80’s hair and embarrassing pics from family photo albums. But things are changing and the infamous perm has had something of a revival. Turning up on runways and in fashion editorials, the perm is becoming one of the hottest up and coming hair trends. It’s a true ‘cool girl’ look.

However as amazing as this hairstyle is, the classic perm is a big commitment. Not only is it time consuming, costly and sometimes damaging to hair but once the curls are created they’re not going anywhere fast - this can make things really difficult when you want to change up your look. Enter the Milk + Blush faux heatless perm. This technique will allow you to give the perm a whirl without the commitment. It’s also damage and heat free and gives long lasting results so you can rock these super tight curls for days.


What you’ll need:

Spiral perm rods (you can pick these up online)

Hair oil or serum

Your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions (Mim uses the Milk + Blush Quad Weft Set in the length 16-18” in Slayer which has been toned slightly)

Heat protection spray

Let’s get our curl on!


Step 1: Start with damp hair. You can let it air dry to about 80% when you jump out of the shower or simply dampen your dry hair with water using a spray bottle.


Step 2: Run a little of your chosen hair oil through the lengths of your hair. This will moisturise your hair as it dries and will prevent any frizz. We used a hair serum with argan oil extracts.


Step 3: Take a very small section of hair, hook your spiral perm rod onto the hair at the root and twist the hair around the rod following the grooves. When you get to the end secure the hair with one of the clips provided.


Step 4: Repeat this until all your hair is twisted.


Step 5: You can then repeat this process on your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions. As we don’t advise that you get your lovely hair extensions wet you can use a heat protection spray to dampen the hair slightly instead. Then go ahead and apply a little hair oil to the ends and twist the hair into the perm rods.

Step 6: Leave your hair and your extensions for a few hours to allow the hair to dry and the curls to set.



Step 7: Then simply take your hair out of the perm rods and use a little hair oil on your fingertips to break up the curls. Clip in your permed hair extensions and the look is complete!

We are completely swooning over this faux perm and we know you’re going to love it too!

Check out the full tutorial below.