How to Blend Hair Extensions into Short Hair

Having a short, blunt hairstyle or ‘Lob’ can be difficult when trying to blend your hair extensions. We're often asked about the best hair extensions for short hair, so we wanted to share some of our top tips that will allow you to blend your shorter hair, seamlessly.

If you have shorter or fuller hair, we do recommend our thickest amount of extensions for your lob; either a Superior or Luxurious set. Length depending, these sets will give you between 200g-280g of hair to work with.

Concealing the Under-layer

After fitting your extensions, the section of hair at the nape of the neck would be the most prominent with shorter hairstyles.
Begin by sectioning the bottom layer of your hair (across between the middle of the ears). The most discreet method to conceal this layer is by plaiting, twisting, and pinning the hair into a neat bun. If you are a hair-pro you could braid this layer to the head. If your hair is too short to plait, twist the hair and pin it or tie it into a small pony. Try to use the least amount of bands or grips as possible. 
Once you have achieved this quick style, begin by clipping your first weft to the pinned section.

Double-up the Wefts

For your hair to have a perfect blend, we recommend using all of the wefts provided in the full set; this will help conceal the blunt cut. To fit more wefts around your head, layer or stack the wefts on top of each other. This method removes a bulk of your hairs' bluntness whilst creating more volume. Doing this will enable you to fit more extensions onto your head using fewer layers of hair. You can also use this trick to achieve an ombre or mixed-shade style.
If you are layering your wefts, ensure you are clipping them to enough hair to hold the weight comfortably. We do not recommend using more than two wefts per layer of natural hair.

Twisting the Hair

This trick is great if your hair is too short or challenging for our first method. After you have applied and styled your extensions, you may find the front pieces of natural hair are still noticeable. Twist any small sections of the hair and secure them at the back of your head, underneath the extensions; one small bobby-pin per section will be enough to hold this style.

Texturizing the hair 

A straighter hairstyle can often make your blunt ends more noticeable when wearing extensions. We recommend adding texture to your hair by styling it into waves or curls for a seamless blend. Ensure you curl the extensions after they have been clipped to your hair; as a result, you will bend the ends of your natural hair into your extensions. We recommend using a curling tong or hair waver to easily style shorter hair into extensions.

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