A Guide to Finding the Right Hair Extensions Length

Whether you’re looking for maximum impact or a bump of clip-in confidence, choosing the correct length for your extensions can be difficult. With no one-size-fits all option, the length you go for is dependent on your natural inches and your style inspo.

For a seamless finish you will fall in love with, find out the set that is best for you below.

Where do I start?

The best way to find your perfect length is to measure from the middle of your ear downwards. This is where your imaginary extensions will fall from, so it will give you a rough idea of how far down you would like them to sit.

The key to an effortless blend is to choose a length within four inches of your natural locks.

For example, if your hair is normally 16 inches, going for an 18 or 20 inch set would be ideal for achieving an Insta-worthy finish. Avoid going for anything too long or too short, as this can lead to choppy, unblended extensions - yikes!

Peruse through our different sets from 12 inches to a glam 24 inches and start your next transformation.

12 inches

Made to sit just below the shoulders, our 12 inch sets are ideal for those who already have shorter hair and want to enhance their length and volume. Serving maximum comfort with our Seamless silicone wefts, clip-in 12 inches of luxe locks and elevate your look in minutes.

16 inches

Let your hair do the talking with 16 inches of stunning 100% Remy human hair. Designed to take you from AM to PM, these sets are super versatile and can be styled into countless up and down looks. Best for those with shorter hair who are looking for some added length, choose from our Classic, Quad and Seamless styles to amplify your do.

18 inches

Feel as good as you look with our Ultra-Seamless, 18 inch extensions. Designed with slim silicone wefts to sit comfortably under your natural mane, this length is ideal for those with medium, shoulder length hair. Clip in for stunning blendability no matter the occasion.

20 inches

Turn up the glamour and level up your look with our 20 inch hair extensions. Ideal for those with medium hair who want to lengthen their locks, serve main character energy with our Classic, Quad and Seamless sets.

22 inches

Sitting just below the bust, our 22 inch length is great for when you want to achieve longer locks without going the full mile. Designed to make you look and feel amazing, our Ultra-Seamless wefts blend flawlessly for a super sleek finish.

24 inches

Go glam or go home with our longest length of 24 inches. Best for those with already long hair, clip in to have heads turning no matter the occasion. With both our Seamless and Classic sets available in this length, customise your extensions to suit you and make a statement.

If you’re still unsure on what length is right for you, pop our hair experts an email at [email protected] and they can help you find you perfect set.