How To Choose The Perfect Length Of M+B Hair Extensions

milk-and-blush-how-to-choose-the-best-length-hair-extensions Choosing the right length is really important if you want your hair extensions to look totally natural and well blended. It can be a little tricky to figure out though, especially if you’ve never worn clip-ins before or if your natural hair is an awkward length. To help any of you guys who are new to extensions we thought we’d go into a little more detail about each of our lengths so that you can pick the right one for you. We’ve also popped a few must know points below that are worth knowing and will help you to make the best choice...

As A General Rule

When it comes to choosing the right length hair extensions we do have a few general rules that we think you guys will find super useful. The first is that we wouldn’t recommend going for a set that is too much longer than your natural hair in order for you to get the best blend. If your hair is shoulder length or longer then you can go for a longer set but anything shorter than that we wouldn’t recommend going over 20-22”. It’s also worth knowing that your natural hair needs to be at least 4-6” inches long in order for you to be able to conceal the clips. So for any of you guys with a pixie cut, you’re going to need to grow it out before picking up your extensions!

How To Measure

To give you the best idea of where your hair extensions will sit it’s best to measure the length before deciding on your set. All you need to do is hold up a tape measure to the top of your ear and run your fingers down it until you hit the length of your desired set. This is the easiest way to figure out which one will work best as you’ll be able to see how much longer it is than your natural hair.


How They’re Cut

Our extensions are trimmed at the ends to give them a thicker and healthier appearance and have more of a blunt finish that you can taper if you want to. All of our extensions are cut within a 2-inch range so for example between 20-22” and not any shorter.

Think About Your Height

It may sound super obvious but the taller you are the shorter the extensions will look on you and vice versa. If you’re tall you can probably get away with a much longer set whereas if you’re petite you might want to stick to 16-18” or shorter. This is why it’s super important to measure first so you know exactly where they’ll sit on your frame. milk-and-blush-length-12-14-inch

Length: 12-14”

Sets available in this length: The Deluxe Perfect For: The 12-14” length is our shortest and tends to sit just below the shoulders so it’s perfect if your natural hair is quite short. It’s also perfect for just adding thickness, so if you don’t want your hair to be any longer it’ll purely help to bulk out your strands and make them look super thick and healthy.

milk-and-blush-length-12-14-inch Length: 16-18”

Sets available in this length: Regular, Deluxe and Luxurious Set Perfect For: The 16-18” is mid-length so it’s perfect if your hair is around shoulder length. This set sits just above your bust and is great if you’re looking to add length but your hair is too short to blend with a 20-22” set. milk-and-blush-length-12-14-inch

Length: 20-22”

Sets available in this length: The Regular, Deluxe, Superior and Luxurious Set Perfect For: Our 20-22” length is our most popular and versatile as it’s super long but is still really easy to blend. This length works best with hair that’s longer than shoulder length and tends to sit just below the bust on most people. milk-and-blush-length-24-26-inch

Length: 24-26”

Sets available in this length: The Deluxe and Superior Set Perfect For: This set is super long and reaches waist level on most people so it’s perfect for creating mermaid worthy styles. It works best if your natural hair is already long as it’ll make it a lot easier to get a good blend.   That being said we get that super long extensions are a major trend right now so you might still want to pick up this set even if your own hair is shorter. If that’s the case then we’d definitely recommend reading our blog post on how to blend really long hair extensions first. It’s full of useful tips and styling hacks that will help to make the set look as natural as possible for a Kim K worthy finish. We hope you found this blog post super useful in helping you to find the perfect length of hair extensions. As always if you need any tips or advice you can email us [email protected] with some snaps of your hair and we’ll help you to find your perfect set :)

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