Quad Weft Hair Extensions

Transform your hair with Quad Weft Hair Extensions from Milk + Blush. Our quad weft extensions subtly add thickness to your existing hair, for a natural look. Quad weft extensions feature four layers of hair on a single weft, meaning there is more hair on fewer clips compared with classic hair extensions. The result is fuller, longer hair and a product that is virtually undetectable. As our products are made with 100% Remy human hair, they are designed to be styled in the same way as you treat your natural hair. So, you can curl or straighten our extensions to create that perfect style for days and nights out. Our quad weft hair extensions come in two lengths – 16-inches or 20-inches – as well as a variety of shades to match any hair colour.

More hair, fewer clips

Quad weft hair extensions come with fewer clips than classic extensions, making it even easier to attach and remove the product to save you time when getting ready. However, they don’t compromise on comfort or quality, designed to be lightweight and long-lasting. All our hair extensions come pre-trimmed, so they’re ready to wear straight out of the box, without cutting or shaping.

To find out more about the benefits of quad weft hair extensions, get in touch with our team of hair extension experts today. Or take a look at our selection of Classic and Seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions. At Milk + Blush, we have a range of hair extensions to suit every hair type, colour and style.

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