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Our team of hair experts are here to help you choose your perfect shade, for free! Simply send us a photo of the back of your hair and we’ll do the rest for you. Keep scrolling for some useful tips on taking the perfect shade match photos.​

Each full set of clip-in hair extensions includes a ​tester weft.​ You can use this weft to compare it to your own hair before committing to the full set. Simply let us know within 21 days of receiving your hair if the colour isn’t suitable. Full returns information can be found ​here.

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Tips for a good match

Take your photos outside in natural lighting, away from direct sunlight


Ensure that your hair is down and is visible from root to tip

Take photos from different angles; we recommend taking 2 to 3 photos


What not to send us


Avoid using flash or any filters/edits

Don’t take your photo in bright /direct sunlight


Avoid putting your hair up in a bun/ponytail, we can’t see your gorgeous locks!

Don’t take a super close up selfie


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Milk + Blush hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair and, therefore, can be dyed a darker colour or you may be able to apply a toner. Click here for more information on dyeing your extensions. We're always open to your feedback, too! If you're be interested in another colour, length or anything else that we don't currently offer, please email us at [email protected]. We'd love to share your suggestion with our product development team. If you have a specific shade in mind, be sure to include any references and photos to support your suggestion! We look forward to hearing from you.
A kind note: The results achieved when dyeing or toning hair extensions are hugely variable. Therefore, we do not recommend dying or toning your extensions. This includes washing the hair with a purple shampoo. Dyeing and toning your extensions is done entirely at your own discretion, and Milk + Blush does not accept returns on hair which has been dyed or toned, nor do we accept responsibility for any unwanted results.

We stock a variety of hair extensions which can be purchased as a full head set or an individual piece. Below is an outline of the difference between a Full Head Set & an Individual Weft.

Sets of Full Head Hair Extensions (containing several pieces of hair)

  • Available in standard, seamless and quad weft (the way the hair is sewn to create the weft thickness)
  • Contains several pieces of hair per packet
  • Perfect for extending the hair with natural results
  • Available with different weights (amounts/quantities) of hair for you to choose from
  • Options for many hair types from fine to thick
  • Available in a vast range of shades and lengths

You can shop our range of full head sets of extensions here.

Individual Wefts of Hair Extensions (containing one piece of hair)

  • Available in Single Seamless Weft (3-clip) or Single Volumiser Quad Weft (4-clip)
  • Contains one piece of hair per packet
  • Great if you want to mix & match your hair shade or length
  • Perfect for filling gaps, adding thickness to existing length or upgrading your existing full head set
  • Not suitable for extending the hair naturally (unless you order several packets)
  • Available in a vast range of shades and lengths

You can shop our range of individual wefts via our Pick and Mix Clip-ins page here.

It's important to get the length of your hair extensions just right. Our most popular and versatile length is 20 inches, for most people they come to bust level (depending on height and frame).

The best way of checking which length hair extension will be most suitable for you is to measure from the middle of your ear downwards.

This will show you roughly where the hair extensions will come to and also give you an idea of how much longer the hair extensions will be compared to your own hair.

In previous years, style trends dictated that short hair with long hair extensions was an OK look. Although its still OK to wear long extensions in short hair, current style trends tend to favour hair which is more subtly extended.

As a rule of thumb, hair which is already longer than shoulder length can take the longer extensions and hair which is shoulder length and above tend to work best with extensions no longer than 20-22 inches.

Take a look at our blog post for more information on how to choose the perfect length of Milk + Blush extensions.

You may have noticed that we recently changed the way we label our lengths - so why the change?

Great question! From a manufacturing point of view, you'll be pleased to hear there are no changes. To keep things simple we no longer advertise the lengths within a range but Milk + Blush hair extensions are still made in the same way 🙌 So it's still the case that the extensions will usually run just a little longer than the length stated, just as a buffer. As always, Milk + Blush hair extensions are cut and trimmed... It ensures a fuller and healthier appearance.

As you will see in the picture comparing full head sets below, not all lengths are the same - some suppliers stretch the hair or add a few long and thin strands which when you receive will look thin and in need of a trim. You don’t have to worry about this with Milk + Blush hair extensions.