How To Choose The Right Thickness Of Hair Extensions

Turn up the volume!

By Alice Dawkins Published: May 24, 2023

Check out our must-have offering of dreamy 100% Remy human hair extensions. From 100 grams to 280 grams, clip in ultra-glam hair whatever the occasion. With so many styles to choose from, we’re here to help you find the best set for you. 

Chosen your length? Scroll through our fool-proof guide by finding your set to browse our luxe range of thicknesses.

12 inch sets - 140g - Seamless

  • Finer hair - This set is ideal for those looking naturally amplified length and thickness. Made with super discreet silicone wefts, this set blends effortlessly into your natural tresses.
  • Medium thickness hair - Opting for this set may not give you a blended finish if you have thicker hair, however, if you are looking for something comfortable and lightweight, this may be ideal.
  • Thick hair - 140 grams tends to be not enough for those with coarser hair, as it can create a choppy, unblended effect. We would recommend going for a thicker set. 

16 inch sets - 100g, 160g and 200g - Classic, Seamless and Quad

  • Finer hair - Our Classic set in the 100 gram thickness is perfect for those who are looking for a boost of length to their natural hair. Designed to be comfortable and lightweight, this set is versatile for countless AM to PM looks.
  • Medium thickness hair - Have the best of both worlds and choose from our 160 to 200 grams of 100% Remy human hair. Our Classic and Quad sets are ideal for adding an extra oomph of luxe thickness for whatever the occasion. Opt for 200 grams for the ultimate glam look.
  • Thick hair - Blessed enough to have thick natural hair? Try sets above 220 grams for a super flawless blend. Anything below this weight could leave you with a less than smooth finish.

18 inch sets - 185g - Ultra - Seamless

  • Finer hair - Say goodbye to bad hair days and clip-in 185 grams of glossy locks with our Ultra-Seamless set. Super discreet silicone wefts blend effortlessly into your tresses to have you Insta-ready in just minutes.
  • Medium thickness hair - This set may work for you if you are looking for subtle glam, however, we would recommend sizing up on your thickness for a more blended look.
  • Thick hair - We would suggest opting for a different set to transform your tresses, as 185 grams may create a choppy finish.

20 inch sets - 120g, 180g, 220g, 265g - Classic, Seamless and Quad

  • Finer hair - Get ready to impress and opt for our 120 gram Classic set for added thickness and volume. Alternatively, give our Seamless 180 gram set a try for a princess-like finish with an unmatched blend.
  • Medium thickness hair - Clip-in our Classic 220 gram set for dreamy thickness and volume. Got an event coming up? Be THAT girl with our Quad set. Featuring more hair on less clips, the wefts are super comfortable whilst serving red carpet worthy thickness.
  • Thick hair - Level up your tresses with our 265 grams Quad sets for bumper volume. With already thick hair, our Classic 220 gram sets would also look great for some blended body and length!

22 inch sets - 235g - Ultra - Seamless

  • Finer hair - Hit refresh on your look and try our 235 gram, Ultra-Seamless sets. If you’re lusting for lengthy locks but still want a natural blend under finer hair, clip-in these discreet silicone wefts for an unmatched finish all day. 
  • Medium thickness hair - If you are looking for some added inches with natural volume, opt for this set. For those subtle glam fans, this set is perfect to take you from desk to dancefloor.
  • Thick hair - This set can work if you are looking for a lightweight and comfortable set, however, opting for something with a little more thickness would create more seamless effect.

24 inch sets - 180g and 280g - Seamless and Classic

  • Finer hair - Rapunzel called, she wants her hair back. Earn some serious good hair points with our 180 gram Seamless set. Designed to be discreet and virtually undetectable, the silicone wefts sit flat to the head for a flawless finish.
  • Medium thickness hair - Enjoy either our Seamless or Classic sets if you have medium thickness hair. For some serious volume, our lace weft 280 gram sets are bound to have heads turning, or, flaunt stunning locks without compromising comfort and clip in our Seamless 180 gram set.
  • Thick hair - Let your hair do the talking with 24 inches of Remy human hair. Clip in our Classic 280 gram set to add some drama to your look. Complete with 9 lace wefts, this set is ideal for adding an ultra-glam bump of volume and length those with already thicker and longer hair.

Receive a free Quad Volumiser in an exclusive selection of our sets to add a boost of volume and length with just one weft. Kindly note that the weight of this weft is additional to your full set, so you receive an extra oomph of gorgeous Remy human hair!

Still not sure? Pop our customer service team an email at [email protected] and they can help you find the right set for you.