Hair Extensions Care Guide


It’s important to get into a good routine with your Remy human hair extensions from the start because good habits equal longer lasting extensions.

Read on to learn all about hair extensions care, tips, and tricks to ensure your set lives a long and happy life. While we talk mostly about clip-in hair extensions, the information is applicable to most types of high-quality Remy human hair extensions.

With regular care and attention you can ensure that your hair extensions last as long as possible and stay looking healthy. So, if you want to learn how to properly take care of your clip-in hair extensions, discover our hair care guide complete with videos and tips & tricks.

Let’s start with the basics

Let us talk you through the Regular, Deluxe, Superior, and Luxurious set and show you how to clip them in.


Always use a heat protectant

Just like your natural hair, you need to make sure you’re protecting your hair extensions from heat damage when styling. Using too much heat can lead to breakage as your extensions do not get the same supply of natural oils as your own hair. Make sure to prep your set with a heat protectant every time you style it and avoid turning up the heat any higher than 180°C.

Invest in a loop brush

We’d recommend using a loop brush for your hair extensions over your regular hair brush to avoid causing any damage. Loop brushes have looped bristles which are super gentle on your hair and won’t pull or snap your strands. Remember to brush your hair extensions each time you take them out of their box and before you pop them back to keep them tangle free. Just be sure to brush from the ends up!


Avoid heavy products

Some hair products can be really drying so we recommend avoiding them when it comes to styling your hair extensions. Salt sprays and dry shampoo can really dry out your set and will create a build-up on the hair that can make them look dull.

Take them out

Going to bed in your extensions is an absolute no-go as all that tossing and turning will put pressure on the clips. This can damage your natural hair in the same way as wearing a super tight ponytail. It’s also not recommended to exercise in them.

We suggest that you store your hair extensions in the box they came in, ideally in a hair net or kept together with an elastic.


Keep them dry

One of the biggest myths about clip-in hair extensions is that you need to wash them just as much as your regular hair, but this definitely isn’t true! Getting your extensions wet can really dry them out so we recommend minimising this as much as possible.

If you only use super lightweight products, you shouldn’t get too much product build-up. Simply revive them with some Silicone Spritz to help replenish any moisture lost to heat styling. You’ll only need to do this every few months but it’ll help to soften the hair, detangle the lengths and add shine.

Enjoy your
new extensions

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