32" Clip-in Ponytails

The 32 inch clip-in ponytail hair extension will boost your ponytail credentials in a matter of seconds. Instantly add volume, luscious fullness and a dreamy 32 inches of ponytail glam! Made with premium 100% human hair for a soft, natural, ‘touch-me’ vibe.

Easy, one-piece application ensures ponytail perfection. 32 inch clip-in ponytails come with a test swatch to check the colour, bobby pins for grip and a professional hair tie. Take your ponytail to the next level with 32 inches of ‘hey-babe’ bounce.

Milk + Blush 32 inch ponytail hair extensions are available in a range of colour groups; blonde, brown, black, and highlighted to ensure the perfect match to your own hair. Looking for a different length? Try 16 inch clip-in ponytail hair extensions for shoulder length style, or the 24 inch clip-in ponytail hair extensions for a below the shoulder length.

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  1. 35" K Braid
    35" K Braid,
    190 grams

    Premium Synthetic Fibre

    30+ Shades

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  2. 32" Clip-In Ponytail Hair Extensions, 180 Grams
    32" Human Hair Ponytail,
    180 grams

    100% Human Hair

    30+ Shades

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