Tutorial: How to Clip In Our Luxurious Set Hair Extensions


One of the most important things when wearing hair extensions is making sure that you’ve clipped the wefts in the right place. This is what will make them look totally natural and seamlessly blended. We often get questions about placement which is why we’ve decided to do a dedicated post on clipping in each set so that you know you’re doing it right. Today we’re sharing with you guys how to clip in our thickest set, the Luxurious. 

All the wefts in the Luxurious Set are quad wefted which means there are four layers of hair on each weft. The 20-22” set has an extra Volumizer Weft too that helps to keep the hair looking voluminous from root to tip. As this set contains 7 or 8 wefts it’s also perfect if you struggle to conceal them but need lots of extra thickness.


We’d recommend this set for anyone with really thick hair or for anyone who likes a super glamorous amount of volume. It’s also perfect if you have a really blunt cut or a bob and are looking to create extra length as you’ll be able to hide it and get the best blend.

How To Clip In The Milk + Blush Luxurious Set

If you’ve never clipped in hair extensions before or if you need to refresh your memory then these steps are going to really help you out. We’d recommend bookmarking this page too so that you have something to refer back to until you totally get the hang of it.


Step 1

Start by clipping up a section of hair at the nape of your neck. You can braid or twist this up and then secure it in place with bobby pins. Doing this will help to hide the disconnect between the length of your natural hair and the extensions to give you a more natural finish.

Step 2

Start by clipping in one of your 3 clip wefts over the top of the section you braided up.

Step 3

Next take another section just above the first and gently backcomb the hair before clipping in your 4 clip Volumizer weft. If you have the 16-18” set you’ll want to clip this around mid-ear level but if you have the 20-22” set you’ll need to clip it in slightly lower to leave room for the other 4 clip weft.


Step 4

If you have the 20-22” set then take a section above your last weft, gently backcomb it and clip in your second Volumizer Weft.

Step 5

Next you want to take a section above the Volumizer Weft, backcomb your hair and clip in your other 3 clip weft.


Step 6

Take a section of hair on the right hand side of your head and tilt the section going upwards towards your face. Gently backcomb the hair and then clip in a two clip weft along the same line. This will angle the hair towards your face to give you a more natural blend.


Step 7 

You then want to repeat the same process and clip in another two clip weft just above the first.

Step 8

Once you’re done you can repeat the process on the other side, clipping in your other two clip wefts.


Step 9

To complete the look gently run your hands down your head to feel for any bumps or wefts showing through. If there are then you’ll need to take out your weft and clip it in again until you get a perfect finish.

Available Lengths

16-18” 200g

20-22” 265g


2-clip wefts x 4

3-clip wefts x 2

4-clip quad weft x 1 (x 2 in the length 20-22”)

Need some more advice? If you’re not sure what set or shade to go for or if you’d like some more advice on clipping in your set then get in touch with the team [email protected].