Top Hairstyles for Short Hair

Thinking about opting for a short hairstyle next time you visit the salon? According to Vogue hair experts, "The bob is the low-maintenance hairstyle set to take over this summer." 

A shorter, blunt haircut gives the illusion of thicker, healthier hair; plus you can completely eliminate dead ends and encourage hair growth. With a professional set of clip-in hair extensions, you always have the option to temporarily transform your look to a longer style.

In need of some post-lockdown hair inspiration? Below we have highlighted some of our favourite hairstyles for short hair; your added reassurance to get the ‘chop’.

Voluminous, Bouncy Curls

Bouncy roots and flicked ends; this 60’s blown-out style is the trending hairstyle of lockdown. An effortless, voluminous style that looks like you’ve just stepped out of the salon. If you’re skilled with blow-drying, the look can be created with a hairdryer and round brush. Otherwise, a large-barrel hair tong is perfect to create this faux-blow. 

Begin by coating damp hair in a volumising mouse and blow-drying the product into the hair. Roll your large tong through dry hair, pinning each section as you style. Once the hair has cooled, remove the pins, flick your fingers through your hair and sweep your parting over to the side (sorry gen-z).

Straight and Sleek

You mean business. The straight, short hairstyle excuses confidence, feels empowering and shows off the architecture of the haircut.

Use a set of 12” clip-in extensions to create a stronger, contoured finish. Diagonally clip-in two side pieces of Seamless extensions to thicken the frame around your face; cutting these pieces of hair to match the length of your natural locks. After straightening the hair, finish the look with a smoothing oil for added shine and a sleek finish.

Our top finishing product has to be Davines OI Oil. Well renowned for their clean ingredients and eco-friendly packaging; Davines’s ‘OI’ range is infused with roucou oil, an ingredient loved by native inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest. The OI Oil is a featherweight elixir that helps smooth and nourishes the hair without looking greasy.

Beachy Waves

With shorter hairstyles, we often want to curl the hair without the length being drastically shortened. To achieve this, curl only the middle-length of hair, avoiding the roots and ends. 

Loose, beachy waves are the perfect summer style for shorter hair lengths. To create this look, use a small barrel wand around 26mm in width. Hold your wand in the opposite hand from the side of the hair you are curling; the tip of the wand pointing downwards at a diagonal angle. Flat wrap the hair around the barrel, leaving the last inch of your hair straight; this will also avoid excessive heat styling any damaged ends. For beachy waves, always begin with the hair directed away from the face and alternate the direction of each curl. 

To finish, use a texturising hairspray or a salt spray and lightly mist over the hair; taking a wide-tooth comb and gently separating your waves for a natural styled finish.

Matrix Rough Me Up is our top recommended product to finish your beachy waves! This texturising salt-spray gives non-sticky shape and medium-hold to beachy waves.

Low Bun

Sometimes less is more. The less effort, the better the result when it comes to the low bun; a perfect style if you want to skip hair-wash day.

Simply part your hair at the middle and gather it into a ponytail at the base of your neck; twisting the hair into a bun and securing with bobby pins. For that added ‘je ne said quoi’, backcomb the hair at the crown for extra lift and frame the face with two pieces of curled hair.

Half-Up, Half-Down

Made an iconic trend through Chris Appleton’s creation on Kim Kardashian in 2019. This striking, yet simple, half-up hairstyle perfectly contours the face to give you a snatched finish. 

Take the hair diagonally from behind the ears and make a half-pony; using a natural-bristle brush to slick the hair back and into place. Curve the ends of the hair under with rounded hair-straighteners and finish your look with an added-shine hairspray. 

De-frizzed but Natural 

Natural texture and an imperfect finish. According to the CEO of Hershesons, ‘the low-fuss style will be all the rage’. If your natural hair is lacking in natural curl or defined texture, blow dry your hair with a precision nozzle using an ionic-technology hairdryer. Ionic technology will help to de-frizz the hair as you are drying it with minimal effort. 

This au-naturel short hairstyle is easily complimented with some cute hair accessories to polish the look.