Hair Extension Mistakes You’re Making And How To Correct Them


Here at M+B we know pretty much everything there is to know about clip-in hair extensions because we eat, sleep, and breathe them everyday. As much as we’re obsessed, we totally get that if you’re new to wearing them you might be finding things a little tricky. It’ll all make total sense once you know the right hacks but we get that it takes time to get the hang of it. This is why we wanted to share some of the most common hair extension mistakes and how to fix them so that you can feel amazing in your new M+B set.


You’re Not Leaving Enough Hair To Cover Them

Hair Extensions Mistake: Where you place your clip-in hair extension wefts is really important as you definitely don’t want the top of the wefts to be on show. Clipping them too high up on your head won’t leave you with enough hair to cover them and you won’t be able to get a seamless blend.

How To Fix It: You don’t want to clip your wefts any higher than brow level to make sure that you have enough hair to cover them. If your hair is really fine then you might want to gently backcomb the section of hair above your extensions so that it stays in place and covers the weft. The only exception to this rule is your 1-clip wefts as they’re a lot easier to hide. You can pop these quite high up around your face to blend the front of your hair but anything wider will need to sit lower.


You’re Wearing The Wrong Shade

Hair Extensions Mistake: Wearing hair extensions in the wrong shade will make it really obvious that you’re wearing clip-ins and it’ll be totally impossible to get a good blend.

How To Fix It: If you’re not sure what to go for then we’d definitely recommend getting a shade match before you buy your hair extensions. This is super easy, you just need to email some pictures of your hair in natural light to [email protected] and we’ll find your perfect set.


You’re Going For A Set That’s Too Long

Hair Extensions Mistake: If your hair is really short but you pick up a set that’s super long then you might struggle to hide the disconnect. We also don’t recommend clip-in extensions for anyone with really short hair as it’ll be hard to blend and you might not have enough length to cover the clips.

How To Fix It: If your hair is shoulder length then we wouldn’t recommend trying to blend a set longer than 16-18” so that it looks super thick and healthy. If your hair is longer you could definitely try a longer set but just bear in mind that the bigger the difference in length between your natural hair and your extensions the harder they’ll be to blend. If you want to work out where your set will reach to it’s a good shout to grab a tape measure and measure the length of your extensions from the middle of your ear down. That way you’ll know where the extensions will sit and how much longer they’ll be than your natural length.

That being said, if you love really long, Kim K style extensions you can definitely still go for them but make sure to click here for some essential blending hacks.


You’re Not Clipping Up The Shorter Pieces

Hair Extensions Mistake: One of the biggest giveaways that you’re wearing hair extensions are the short pieces of hair poking out around your neck. This disconnect can ruin your blend so you don’t want to skip this step, especially if you have short hair.


How To Fix It: All you need to do is clip up the section of hair at the nape of your neck and bobby pin it in place. This will ensure that there aren’t any shorter pieces sticking out once your extensions are clipped in. It’s up to you whether you want to braid this section or just twist it up but once you’re done you can clip your first weft over the top.


You’re Clipping Them In Too High

Hair Extensions Mistake: If you’re clipping your extensions right on the line where you’ve parted your hair then you’re definitely placing them too high. This can create bumps in your hair once you cover the section that will totally give away the fact you’re wearing extensions.

How To Fix It: Your clips should sit about 1 cm lower than where you part your hair to give them more to hold onto. Clipping them here will also help them to lie flat so that you don’t get any bumps and they’ll be totally undetectable.


You’re Using Too Much Product

Hair Extensions Mistake: As your hair extensions don’t get the natural supply of oils that your own hair does we don’t recommend washing them as often. Because of this, heavy products can build up on the hair if you’re using too much. This will eventually make your extensions look dull so you need to be careful with what and how much product you’re using.

The Fix: We wouldn’t recommend using anything like dry shampoo on your extensions or any salt sprays as they’re really drying. Instead stick to super nourishing but gentle products that won’t leave too much residue. Some of our favourites include the GHD Heat Protect Spray for styling, the Tigi Bed Head After Party Serum for smoothing the hair and the H&M Finishing Hairspray for loads of shine.


You’re Sleeping In Them

Hair Extensions Mistake: Sleeping in your hair extensions is a major no no and can really damage your hair and your set. All that tossing and turning in your sleep will not only cause knots but could put a strain on your natural hair if you pull on the clips.

The Fix: Never, ever, like NEVER sleep in your hair extensions!! Instead take them out before you go to bed, brush them and pop them back in their box. This will help to keep them looking their best and will save them from a lot of damage.

These are super simple hacks but if you get them right your extensions will be seamlessly blended and will last a lot longer. If you’re new to clip-ins and you’d like some more tips we’d definitely recommend reading our posts on top 10 hair extensions tips and some need to know hair extension hacks that will help to get you going. Clip-ins are by far the easiest and most hair healthy method of wearing extensions, so we’re sure you’ll love experimenting with your M+B set :)

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