How To Blend Really Long Hair Extensions Really, really, like REALLY long hair is having a major moment right now thanks to Kim K and Ariana Grande. This trend doesn’t seem to be going away either and if anything, the locks of our fave celebrities are just getting longer. Being hair extension queens we’ve been pretty obsessed with this vibe for a long time but we’re glad that everyone’s finally embracing it this year. Super long hair extensions can be pretty daunting though as there is A LOT of hair in the box but it’s actually way easier to nail this trend than you might think. The only tricky part is getting that killer blend which is why we’re going spill all the best tricks for you on the blog today. Ariana will be quaking in her thigh highs... Which M+B set would I need to achieve the look? To rival Kim K it’s best to go for our longest extensions which are 24-26” and come in both the Deluxe Set 180g and the Superior Set 280g. If you’re more petite though you might want to try our 20-22” extensions instead which are available in all of our sets but it will totally depend on your height. story-hacks-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-how-to-blend-really-long-hair-extensions 1. Go For A Thicker Set If you have shorter hair and you’re trying to blend it with our super long 24-26” set you might want to go for the Superior rather than the Deluxe as it’s thicker. Having thicker extensions will make it easier to hide the disconnect especially if you hair is closer to shoulder length than the ends of the extensions. story-hacks-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-how-to-blend-really-long-hair-extensions 2. Hide Your Real Hair If you read our post on Kim K’s hair extension hack then you will have seen this before and braiding the hair at the nape of the neck is a trick we always use. For super long extensions you’re going to need to braid more hair up to get the best blend. We would recommend braiding as far as possible in rows and clipping the wefts over the top of the braids until about ear level. This will help to get rid of the harsh disconnect between your own hair and the extensions. story-hacks-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-how-to-blend-really-long-hair-extensions 3. Clip Them On An Angle To create a graduated effect with your extensions you can clip the two and one clip wefts in on an angle, tilting upwards towards your face. This will help to soften the lines and create some faux layers for a much better blend. story-hacks-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-how-to-blend-really-long-hair-extensions 4. Straighten Everything This is the easiest way to get a really good blend and it’s something you can do with all lengths to really merge them into your own hair. You basically want to straighten each weft together with your hair after you clip in every section. This will help to remove any tell tale kinks and give you the best base for styling. It will take a little bit longer doing it section by section but it’s totally worth it in the end. story-hacks-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-how-to-blend-really-long-hair-extensions 5. Apply Serum Once you’re done straightening you can then run some serum over your hair to keep it looking super sleek and to smooth any flyaways. The serum will help to hold your hair in place and add loads of shine so that everything stays blended. story-hacks-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-how-to-blend-really-long-hair-extensions 6. Go For Waves The trend is for super sleek and straight hair but if you’re struggling to get it totally seamless then opt for some soft waves like Kim K. We’ve filmed a tutorial on her look here and it really helped to blend them into our vlogger Mim’s shoulder length hair. story-hacks-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-how-to-blend-really-long-hair-extensions 7. Get Them Cut It’s always a good shout to take your extensions to your stylist so that they can cut them in with your own hair. Getting the extensions layered will help to graduate the hair so that there isn’t so much of a harsh line between your natural hair and the extensions. Click here for 8 Need To Know Hair Extension Hacks