5 Backstage Hairstyling Hacks You Need To Know


Backstage hairstyling, whether it’s for a catwalk or a red carpet is the best place to discover the latest hacks and tips. These stylists have really honed their craft and know exactly what it takes to create gorgeous hairstyles that last for hours. Being hair junkies we always want to find out the latest tricks which is why we went scrolling through the gram to suss out their secrets. Here’s everything you need to know...


Playing Cards

This backstage hack is perfect for setting hairstyles in place, you basically slide a playing card in between your hair and a hair clip to stop it from creating bend. This will also help to keep your hairline super straight and neat. Using clips on their own can create little kinks that are impossible to remove unless you straighten them out so it’s definitely worth trying this if you want to nail a low pony or bun.


Wired Braids

This little trick is how celebrities get their braids to stay in place. You basically incorporate a thin piece of wire in the centre of the braid so that you can mold it and keep the braids looking really neat. This is also amazing for braided updos, as you can just bend everything into place and use minimal bobby pins to hold it.


Quick Waves

Hairstylist James Pecis used this backstage hair hack at fashion week this season to get the models ready really quickly. You basically braid all of your hair in small or big plaits and then straighten over them to create waves. The thicker the braids the looser your waves will be so you can tailor it to suit you. You can also do this without heat if you have time, just braid your wet hair and leave it to dry naturally.


Pin Your Curls

For curls that go the distance it’s best to pin them up to let them cool completely before letting them down. Your hair will normally take around 15-20 minutes or longer if you have really thick hair. Also if you don’t have these fancy clips you can just use bobby pins instead and it’ll work just as well.


No Bend Clips

This is an alternative to the playing cards that’s really good if you’re going for a super sleek look. No bend clips are flat hair clips that help to hold your hair in place without causing kinks and you can use them to keep it really straight until you’re sure it’s set. Alternatively you can create a modern version of vintage waves like the gal in this picture.


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