5 Casual Hairstyles That Are Perfect For The Airport


Jetting off somewhere nice this summer? We’ve scoured Pinterest for 5 casual hairstyles that are perfect for the airport and take no time at all to create. From messy buns to beachy waves these are about to become your go to looks for a trip through the clouds.


Knot Ponytail

This is a great nap friendly hairstyle that’s effortlessly pretty and will keep your hair off your face for the long haul. It also looks better a little bit messy and textured so you won’t have to worry about touch ups either. To start split your hair into two equal sections and tie them together in a knot at the nape of your neck. Then repeat the process again so that your second knot sits underneath the first. Once you’re done use a hair elastic to hold it in place and pinch and pull on the hair to make your knots appear thicker. Finish with a dust of hairspray and you’re done.


Side Braid

This is such a pretty look that doesn’t require any heat so you can give your locks a little break before hitting the sun. To start, create a dutch braid at the top of your head next to your part on the side that you want your braid to sit. Once you reach the nape of your neck incorporate all of your hair into the braid so that it gathers on the one side. Continue your braid until you reach the end of your hair and then secure it with an elastic. For a more polished look wrap a section of hair around the tie to cover it and pin in place with a bobby pin.


Half Up Top Knot

This is the go-to look for cool girls everywhere and is the most effortless travel friendly style on the list. To start you can either rock your natural texture or add a few waves with your straighteners. Next scoop the top of your hair up, leaving out some face framing pieces if you want to and tie this section with a hair elastic. You can make the look as neat or messy as you like and use some bobby pins to hold back any flyaways. Done!


Textured Waves

If you’d rather wear your hair down then this textured look is a great shout as it’s not too polished and you’ll be totally beach ready once you get there. To start prep your hair with some heat protectant and separate a section at the nape of your neck. Next use your wand to curl the middle of the hair, leaving the top and ends straight. This is what creates that effortlessly beachy wave. Repeat the process all over and finish with some hairspray for hold.


Low Bun

This look is super relaxed and really easy to create so it’s great if you want something that requires minimal effort and upkeep. To start the style create the knotted pony from the first look and then twist the hair into a bun. Use some bobby pins to hold it in place and pull out some strands to mess up the hair for a lived in feel.