5 Scarf Hairstyles That Are Perfect For The Summer

summer-scarf-hairstyles-milk-and-blushWe love a hair trend here at M+B and one of the biggest this season is scarf hairstyles. Designers Alice Temperley and Lanvin both incorporated them into their SS18 catwalk looks and we’ve been in love ever since. From messy ponies to sleek buns, they’re a really simple way to incorporate colour into your wardrobe and update simple looks. To fuel our new obsession here are 5 scarf hairstyles that are perfect this summer…

5-Scarf-Hairstyles-That-Are-Perfect-For-The-SummerMessy Pony

This is so simple but a great way to step up your pony game! Start by spraying your hair with heat protectant and then use your straighteners to create some soft waves. To do this alternate the straighteners towards you and then away from you as you work down your hair. Once you’re done use some serum to tame the waves and sweep it back into a pony using an elastic. You can then take your scarf and tie it in a knot around the pony, super simple!

5-Scarf-Hairstyles-That-Are-Perfect-For-The-SummerLow Bun

This look is so cute and really low maintenance which is just want you want for a day at the beach! To start brush through your hair and pull it back into a low bun using a hair elastic. You can leave out some face framing pieces if you want to and make it as messy or neat as you like. Then take your scarf, preferably a smaller one and tie it in a bow around your bun making sure it’s sat on top.

5-Scarf-Hairstyles-That-Are-Perfect-For-The-SummerClassic Braid

This is such a pinterest worthy style and an amazing hack for thickening up your braids too. Start the look by pinning your scarf at the nape of your neck and then section your hair into two pieces alongside it. You can then braid your hair with the scarf, making sure to keep the sections as equal as possible. Once you reach the end use a hair elastic to hold everything in place and pinch and pull on the braid to make it look thicker.

5-Scarf-Hairstyles-That-Are-Perfect-For-The-SummerHead Wrap

This is such a chic way to wear your scarf and perfect if you want to leave your hair down and rock some beachy waves. For this look start by wrapping it around from the nape of your neck up to the top of your head. Next tie two knots, one on top of each other and then loop the ends back around and tie them at the nape of your neck. To finish the look use some salt spray to add texture to your hair and a few bobby pins to hold the scarf in place.

5-Scarf-Hairstyles-That-Are-Perfect-For-The-SummerHalf Up Half Down

The half up half down is our go-to lazy hairstyle and we love this look for the summer with a printed scarf. To start scoop back the hair at the top of your head leaving some face framing pieces out at the front. Tie this with an elastic and then loop your scarf around the pony and tie in place. If your hair is shorter go for a bow instead so that you can adjust the length of the scarf to match your hair length.

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