6 Different Curls Using a Hair Straightener

6-different-curls-using-hair-straightenersCurling your hair with straighteners is that one hair hack that seems super complicated but is actually really easy and super quick. There’s also a lot of room for creativity too, as unlike your conventional curling irons you can create different types of curls with your straighteners. Today we’ve put together our 6 favourite ways to curl your hair with hair straighteners to get you totally inspired and prepped for hair perfection.

straighteners-6-different-curls-using-hair-straightenersClassic Curls

There are a few different methods you can use to create a classic curl but the one we’re sharing today seems to be the most popular and the most effective. You’ll need to prep by using some heat protectant spray and sectioning your hair so that you can start curling at the nape of your neck. The smaller the sections you work in the tighter your curls will be so think about the effect you’re going for before you start. Taking your straighteners, start by clamping them at least an inch from your roots and then twisting the iron a full 180° down and towards your head. Just think of it like using a pair of scissors to curl a ribbon, it’s the same principle, just a little bit warmer and a lot less fiddly. Try and keep a hold on the end of your hair as you pull the iron down too as it will create tension and move it at the same time for super defined curls. Once you're finished you can twist the curl to help it take shape and finish with a spritz of hairspray.

pincurl-6-different-curls-using-hair-straightenersPin Curls

To create these wrap your hair around your finger in a tight curl and pinch it in place. Then (minding your fingers!) clamp your straighteners down flat over the top of your curled hair. You’ll want to hold it in place until it cools and use a hairspray to give it some staying power too. This technique will give you a soft ringlet curl and is perfect if you can’t master some of the other, more tricky techniques.



For this one you’ll need to find something like a pencil or makeup brush that is heatproof for you to wrap your hair around. Once you’ve found something take small sections of your hair and wrap it around tightly, getting it as close to your roots as possible. Then clamp down on your hair with the straightener to lock in the curls. It’s better to leave the hair to cool for a few seconds before removing the pencil or makeup brush too and this will make them last longer. Finish by separating the curls with your fingers and running some serum through the ends to keep any frizziness at bay.



Take a section of hair and start by holding it diagonally from your roots. Then taking your straightener keep twisting it away and then towards your head as you pull down the hair. This alternating movement is what will create the waves. The more you twist the straightener the tighter the wave will be but try to keep the twists even for every section.


Perm / Natural Curls

This technique is pretty time consuming but the results are totally incredible. You’ll need a lot of bobby pins though and a lot of patience too! Start by pulling a bobby pin open into a V shape and place the middle of your bobby pin over your section, pushing it to your roots. You then need to weave your hair around the bobby pin, making sure to push your hair up as you go along to hold it in place. Taking your straighteners clamp down on the hair until the section is evenly heated. You can then secure the hair with another bobby pin and leave it to cool down. Once it’s done unweave your hair from the pin and separate the curls with your fingers.



There are a few ways to create crimped hair with hair straighteners but we think this one is the easiest. Start by plaiting your hair in small sections and make sure to run the plait to the very end of your hair. Run your straighteners down the plait making sure they are fully heated up. You then want to leave them to cool down completely and spray them with some hairspray before taking out the braids and revealing your crimps.

There you go! 6 super easy ways to curl your hair with straighteners. Let us know what you think and leave any of your own curling tips in the comments below :)