7 Easy Ways to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

7-ways-to-make-thin-hair-look-thickerIs anyone happy with the hair they have? Probably not. We’d all like it to be thicker, lighter, straighter, shorter, curlier or whatever our friends’ is that ours isn’t. The great thing about hair though is that you can pretty much manipulate it into anything you want. Having thin hair you might think it’s impossible to get full volume curls but with some quick hair hacks up your sleeve it’s totally doable. These tips are so easy to work into your routine and will make your thin hair look thicker and more voluminous in no time.


A great blow dry can give your hair volume for days and keep your roots lifted and slaying until the next wash. Most of us can’t afford a salon blow dry every time so picking up some quick tricks means you’ll be able to create the same effect at home. The best thing for volume is a round brush, this will make it easy to lift the root and create that big Hollywood finish. You want to pick up one that’s small enough to reach the root though as some of the supersize ones will only curl your ends. As you’re blow drying you want to create a curve from the scalp pulling the hair in the opposite direction to the way it naturally falls. Make sure to use the nozzle of your hair dryer and work in smaller sections to get the best results.


Backcombing is really useful for adding volume in strategic places to suit your face shape or the specific look you’re trying to achieve. Teasing at the roots will help to give you the biggest volume and make your hair look way thicker. Start by working in small sections, place the comb behind the hair and slowly pull it back down towards your scalp, then remove the brush. It’s important not to work up and down as this can cause damage, so only push the hair towards your scalp. Once you’re done spritz with some hairspray at the roots and smooth over the top to conceal the backcombing. You may also want to read our post about backcombing without damaging your hair first too.



Not just for the days when you seriously cba washing your hair but dry shampoo can actually add lots of volume too. Spraying it directly onto your roots can give you a big lift and texturise the hair to hold it in place. Batiste do a specific volumising version of their classic formula which is infused with keratin so it strengthens your strands at the same time. Another trick is to spray dry shampoo throughout the lengths of your hair while it's wet to add extra volume as you’re styling. This sounds crazy but try spraying it on damp hair from root to tip to seriously supersize your blowdry.


You can use colour to create the illusion of thicker hair in several different ways. Firstly opt for something multitonal rather than an all over block colour. This will help to add dimension to your locks giving the illusion that they are way fuller. Highlights and balayage are great for this too as it's the contrast between lighter and darker strands that makes the hair appear thicker. You could also try out the sombré (soft ombré) look that gives you a smoother colour graduation and a more multi tonal finish if you wanted something more on trend.


Well obviously! But an important one to mention anyway. Here at M+B we sell Single Quad Wefts which are thicker wefts that normally bulk up a full set. However you can use one of these in the same length as your natural hair to add extra thickness. Our Single Wefts work for this too and are great for creating volume around your face. If you want to try experimenting with colour, extensions can mimic the look of highlights if you place them strategically. We also make ombre sets both of which will add some extra dimension to your locks, making it look thicker.

 6. CUT

A blunt haircut will make thin hair look much thicker and healthier. Try and confine layers to the hair around your face and keep the back to one blunt length for maximum volume illusion. You may not want to hear this either but cutting your hair shorter will also make it look thicker. Obviously you can still grow your hair if it’s fine but it’s just something to bear in mind if you want volume.



It’s good to go for hairstyles that will work with you when trying to create volume rather than against you. For example curls are a way better option than poker straight hair as they create texture that you can build. Little hacks like pancaking braids, which is when you pull out a braid to make it thicker are perfect for adding volume to simple styles too. You can use this around a bun or incorporate it into a ponytail to create more texture and make your hair look thicker.

If you have any full volume tips of your own let us know in the comments below and send us your styles on Instagram @milkandblush. We love seeing your pics!