7 Hacks For Growing Out Your Bangs


If getting regularly trims, waking up early to style your hair and an unbelievably oily forehead are getting to you then it might just be time to grow out your bangs. If you’ve made it this far then putting up with an awkward look for 3-4 months will be a walk in the park in comparison to the upkeep you’ve been doing. Not only that but with our 7 best hacks for growing out your bangs it’ll be way more pain free than you thought.

Try Sweeping It To The Side

Depending on the length of your fringe you can start by sweeping it to one side to get it out of your face once it hits eye level. Even blunt bangs can look cute swept to the side and it’s so Audrey Hepburn. If you’re having trouble try blow drying it over to give the look some staying power.

Braid Your Hairline

At the beginning when it’s just a little bit longer than normal a braid will be your best option for holding it back. You’ll need to start your braid with the smallest sections possible to make sure all your hair is secure otherwise your bangs will start poking through. If you’re not great at brading you can twist your hair back instead which is way less fiddly and just as effective.

Switch To A Middle Part

Once your fringe has grown to cheek length you can switch up your part to create Bardot bangs. This style is so flattering and will help to make the awkward length look more intentional. Once your fringe is in the Bardot phase you can blow dry it back and upwards off your face using a round brush so that when it falls you get that sweeping effect.


Experiment With Hair Accessories

Barrettes and hair accessories are really on trend right now so this is the perfect opportunity to invest in some cool pieces. We love these pearl clips on Alexa Chung and they sit in exactly the right place to hold back your bangs. Silk scarves and headbands can be just as cool but it’s definitely worth finding an accessory that’ll help you hide them for the next few months.

Get A Haircut

As much as getting a haircut doesn’t sound like the right thing to do your stylist might be able to blend your fringe into the lengths of your hair with some clever layers. This will make the contrast in length less obvious and as your bangs grow it’ll make the transition way easier. If your fringe is really blunt then asking your stylist to thin the hair will be a really good option too as it makes your bangs more wispy and easier to style.

Stock Up On Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are the easiest way to tame flyaways and unruly pieces of hair while you’re growing out your fringe. They’re also great for holding your hair in braids or tucking your bangs underneath your lengths to hide them. You might want to get creative too and use a couple to accessorize your hairline like this girl.

Be Patient

Growing out your bangs is going to be a painful process but it’s worth it in the end so you’ll need to stick it through. It’ll normally take around 3-4 months to grow them out to a styleable length which in the grand scheme of things isn’t long to wait, so don’t give up!