7 Ways to Work Productively From Home

Like many others, the team here at Milk + Blush are working from home. We know that this can be quite a struggle for some, and we’re certainly missing being back in the office surrounded by creativity, motivation and positive vibes (not to mention our work besties!). We’ve had lots of team discussions about what we’re doing to keep productivity levels high while being cooped up at home, and have collated our 7 top tips...

Get into a routine

We know, at the beginning you thought working from home would be great. Staying in your pj’s all day? Working from your ‘soft office’ (a.k.a sofa), and a constant supply of snacks? Sounds dreamy. But, what we soon found was that getting too comfortable really takes you out of ‘work mode’. The best way to get yourself into a productive mindset whilst working from home is to find a routine and stick to it. Get up, get ready for the day and stick to a structured working schedule, just as you would in the office. Take your usual breaks and separate ‘work’ time from ‘chill’ time. 

Start your day right

As part of your routine, make sure you start your day off on a positive. Have breakfast, do a workout or have a stretch if you can, and get fully ready to tackle the day. Get dressed and do whatever you would usually do to your hair and makeup. This will really make you feel like you’re setting yourself up for a day of work rather than a day on the sofa. It’s so tempting to make the most of these mornings at home and roll out of bed as late as you can, but this will only make you feel tired, sluggish and in the wrong headspace to tackle your inbox.

Set yourself goals

Here at Milk + Blush, we are ‘list people’. We can’t get enough of stationery. Even if you don’t usually find organisation your strong point, start getting into the habit of writing out your daily goals. This will help you stay on track and know exactly where you are throughout the day. This is especially helpful with all of the distractions at home! An extra tip is to make a list at the start of the week for absolutely everything you need to do, and then break this down day-by-day. If you’re struggling to break it down, rate each task based on its priority.

Limit distractions

We get it, we thought we’d be able to watch Netflix at the same time as working, too. As it turns out, this is not helpful at all. Being at home there are a lot of distractions, but we also have the power to control them. You can decide not to have the tv on in the background or be constantly scrolling through social media. Making these choices will empower you to tackle the working day head-on! Save these kinds of activities for your breaks or when you log-off for the day. 

Take time for yourself

For the workaholics among us, you might find it difficult to switch off when your work laptop or phone is always at arms length. Try to avoid checking your emails when you’re not technically working and take time away from your desk during the day, for example on your lunch break. It’s really important to step away from the work, just as you would if you left the office at the end of the day. Without this, your routine won’t work and you’ll likely become more stressed out and irritable, something you really want to avoid while being stuck inside!

Appreciate the small wins

If you’re struggling with motivation and feel like productivity is low, try appreciating every task you manage to get done. It might not seem like a big deal, but if you’ve ticked something off your list, then it’s a win! Try starting your day off by completing the tasks which you can get done quickly and easily. Before you know it, you’ve ticked off a handful of little jobs which makes you feel like you’re being productive and sets you up nicely for the day ahead!

Stay connected

If you can, it’s super important to stay connected with your work colleagues. Here at Milk + Blush we’ve been having a group video-call each morning to check-in with each other and discuss our schedules for the day. This is a great time to motivate each other and share ideas while figuring out what your priorities are. Plus, it can’t hurt to have a virtual tea break every now and then.

If you’re stuck working from home at the moment, like many of us, we hope some of these tips help manage your day a little easier. If you have any more WFH tips be sure to share them in the comments below, we’re all in this together!