Best Hair extensions

At Dirty Looks, we think the best hair extensions are always the most natural looking hair extensions! No one wants to go out with noticeable hair extensions that are thin and unnatural looking … you want people to notice how good your hair looks rather than comment that you’re wearing extensions!!


Human hair extensions are generally the best hair extensions to choose for a natural finish; they can be heat styled just like your own hair and if the shade isn’t quite right then you can possibly dye them up to 2 shades darker for a closer match!

To choose the best hair extensions for you, it’s important to consider what you want the end result to be … are you looking to add length or do you just want thickness and volume?
To lengthen your hair (and for a super natural finish) it’s best to choose a full head set. The extensions are spread over 10 wefts in a full head set to give you all over length, volume and thickness. Fit your full head set and style the extensions in with your natural hair for a more flawless look!!

If you want a volume and thickness boost to your current length then the best hair extensions for you may be quad or standard wefts. By choosing a quad weft or a standard weft in the same length as your natural hair, you can easily add that extra desired thickness and texture for a glamorous style!


When choosing the best hair extensions you’ll also want to think about the length. By measuring downwards from the top of your ear, you can get a rough guide line of where the extensions will fall on you … this will allow you to figure out which length you would be more comfortable with. Some of us prefer luxurious mermaid lengths and others prefer just a few inches extra so it’s a great idea to check the lengths on yourself first!!

Don’t settle for second best hair extensions ladies, choose glamorous and natural looking human hair extensions and no one needs to know that it’s not your natural hair!