How to Pick the Best Hair Extensions

At Milk+Blush we believe that the best hair extensions look as natural as possible. You want your hair to look healthy and full, rather than thin and unnatural looking! Human hair extensions are generally the best hair extensions for a natural finish. The can also be heat styled with your natural hair which makes styling your hair much easier!

It is important when choosing the best hair extensions for you, to consider what you want the end result to be. Are you looking for more length or just want thickness and volume? To lengthen your hair its best to choose a full head set - the hair is spread over 10 wefts to give you all over length and volume. If you want a volume boost to your current length then the best hair extensions for you may be a quad of standard weft. By choosing a quad or standard weft in the same length as your natural hair, you can easily add that extra thickness.

To measure how long the extensions will be on you, measure downwards from the top of your ear, as this will show you where the extension will fall. It's down to personal preference whether you want luxurious mermaid lengths or just a few extra inches!