5 Must Have Hair Perfumes

5-must-have-hair-perfumes-milk-and-blush-blog-hair-extensionsHair perfume is finally here and as much as this might sound like yet another beauty fad it could be the answer to making your favourite fragrance last longer. The secret is all down to the fact that your hair is porous so it really soaks up and clings to a scent. This could make all the difference if you’re finding your perfume has disappeared by lunchtime or you need to prolong the gap between washing your hair.

You might be wondering why you need a specific hair perfume rather than just using your regular bottle but it’s for a good reason. Unlike normal perfumes these don’t contain any alcohol which can seriously dry out your locks and lead to damage. They’re also full of ingredients that will moisturise, protect and nourish your hair as well as making it smell amazing.

Still not convinced? Read on for our best hair perfume picks that you need to try out...


If you can’t live without dry shampoo: Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume £40

This spray protects against UV, reduces static, moisturises and smells incredible making it great for refreshing your hair in between washes. It also contains anti-odour technology which uses citrus oils to break down odour molecules and revive your hair better than any dry shampoo could.  It’s a light, sweet scent with top notes of green apple, peach, rose and patchouli mixed with cedar wood and white musk.


For shine: Percy & Reed Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray £22

This is essentially a shine spray with an amazing scent but if you want to revive your dull hair or add lustre to your curls then this will be perfect for you. It’s a rose infused mist which is super feminine and perfect for the summer months as it locks in hydration to prevent your hair getting dry.


If your perfume isn’t lasting long enough: Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist £38

So many perfumes are coming in hair mist form now including Chanel’s classic fragrance Coco Mademoiselle. This is a light scent with orange, rose and patchouli which isn’t too overwhelming for everyday. You can also pick up other classics including Thierry Mugler’s Alien, Chanel Chance and YSL’s Black Opium giving you no excuse not to smell amazing.


If you have oily hair: Narciso Rodriguez For Her Hair Mist £24.95

Another cult classic, this scent is a mix of sweet florals, amber and wood that’s now in hair mist form too. Unlike the other ones though this is an oil free formula that’s perfect for greasy or fine hair and won’t add too much weight or clog up your hair follicles. It also includes silicone which helps to add shine and make frizzy hair more manageable, perfect for a holiday in the sun.


If you’re feeling spendy: Show Beauty Decadence Hair Fragrance £55

This is exactly what it says on the bottle, decadent. It’s a rich fragrance with notes of vanilla, patchouli, white musk and crème brulee that’s not safe for wallflowers. It also helps to fight free radicals and colour fade (perfect for city girls) and is full of essential oils including jojoba which enhances shine and protects against damage.

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