How To Tell If Your Hair Is Healthy

How-To-Tell-If-Your-Hair-Is-Healthy-milk-and-blush-blogIf feels like everyday there’s a new article out about how we’re damaging our hair or causing breakage. It can be a little overwhelming and also pretty tricky to figure out where on the dead to shiny scale your locks are sitting. But don’t worry because there are some pretty easy ways to tell if your hair is healthy and they could save you a few disasters too. Might be time to put down the hair straighteners though...

How-to-Tell-If-Your-Hair-Is-Healthy-milk-and-blush-hair-blogYou’re An Average Shedder

You should lose around 100-125 strands a day and your hair loss each day should be pretty regular. Shedding just means that the lifecycle of your hair has ended and a new strand is ready to grow in its place. So it’s totally normally and nothing to worry about! As long as the shedding isn’t increasing and you’re not losing more than the average then it’s a sign that your hair is healthy.

How-to-Tell-If-Your-Hair-Is-Healthy-milk-and-blush-hair-blogIt’s Super Soft

The texture of your hair can tell you a lot about how healthy it is. When your hair is soft and smooth it means the cuticle is closed which gives your hair a silky appearance. When your hair is dry and damaged the cuticle lifts making your hair feel coarse and brittle. An easy way to check is by running your fingers down your hair. If there are lots of bumps and it feels course then you might want to ditch the heat styling tools and start nourishing your locks.

How-to-Tell-If-Your-Hair-Is-Healthy-milk-and-blush-hair-blogIt’s Not Frizzy

If you hair isn’t prone to frizz and stays nice and soft throughout the day then it’s likely that it’s in good condition. When your hair is damaged it becomes more porous and soaks up more moisture which is what causes all that excess volume. To check the porosity of your hair take a few strands from your brush and place them in a bowl of water. The quicker your hair sinks to the bottom the more porous it is.

How-to-Tell-If-Your-Hair-Is-Healthy-milk-and-blush-hair-blogIt Has Good Elasticity

If the cortex of your hair is strong your hair will have good elasticity and be able to withstand brushing and heat styling without snapping. Elasticity is important if you want to dye or style your hair without it breaking and is also a good indicator of overall hair health. To test the elasticity of your hair take a small section and get it damp. Next hold it between your thumbs so that you can stretch it. Healthy hair will stretch about ⅓ of its length and then go back to normal but if it doesn’t go back or snaps it means the hair is damaged.

How-to-Tell-If-Your-Hair-Is-Healthy-milk-and-blush-hair-blogIt’s Shiny

Again when your hair is healthy the cuticle is closed which helps it to retain moisture and makes it look super shiny. As damaged hair has a rough texture it doesn’t reflect the light and looks dull so if yours is shiny then it’s a good sign. To keep it looking its best use lots of moisturising masks and make sure to keep heat to a minimum.

How-to-Tell-If-Your-Hair-Is-Healthy-milk-and-blush-hair-blogDrying Time

If your hair dries really quickly after showering, especially at the ends, then it could be because it’s damaged. The healthier your hair the more it holds onto moisture so it takes a little bit longer to dry but damaged hair is more porous and can’t retain moisture. So if you find your hair is drying up before you’ve even reached for the hair dryer then it might be time for a trim.