Catwalk Inspired Christmas Party Hairstyles


‘Tis the season, gals! And if you want to slay the office party like the third Hadid sister then you’re going to need some killer hair inspo. To help you guys out we thought we’d share our fave catwalk hairstyles that are bound to get you noticed at the Christmas party. We’ll also be giving you some quick tips on how to create them and what kind of vibe they’re most suitable for so there’s no excuses for messy hair! Let’s go...

milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-blog-catwalk-inspired-party-looksThese loose waves are effortlessly pretty and we love that they’re paired with a silk headwrap and some statement earrings. This is such a gorgeous party look and provided you can find some similar accessories it’ll be really easy to achieve!

To start, blowdry your hair using a round brush to build lots of volume and to smooth down your locks. Once your hair is dry you can then curl it in sections using a big barrel curling wand to create some loose waves. To finish the look add some texturising spray for a more natural finish and then pop on your head wrap and earrings. Super glam!


If you want your Christmas party look to be a little more out there then this slicked back, gold embellished hairstyle would be perfect for you. You might need to set aside a bit more time to get it right but it’ll be so worth it when you’re done.

To start, straighten all of your hair so that it’s super sleek and then create a really neat side parting using a comb. You can then use some serum to smooth your hair down making sure to get rid of any flyaways until it’s sleek and glossy. The easiest way to create the line is with an eyeliner pen like the Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Liner in Gold Rush. To get it super neat we’d recommend placing the edge of your comb along your part so that you have something to rest it on. Once you’ve drawn the line finish your look with lots of hairspray and you’re done!


The next look is perfect on messy, textured, second day hair and is especially good if you don’t have much time to get ready.

You can either use your natural hair texture for this style or take some straighteners and create soft bends in your hair instead. Once you’re happy with your hair use some texturising spray to add some volume through the lengths and scrunch your hair to create more texture. You can then clip in some hair slides along your part to finish the look. If you don’t have any yet we’d recommend checking out Justine Marjan’s collection for Kitsch which is full of sassy slogan hairclips.


If you’re still not over the 90s then this crimped hairstyle is going to give you all the feels this season. Crimps are a great way to give your hair loads volume too, especially at the roots so this might be a good shout for any of you who have fine hair.

For this look start by crimping your hair in small sections from the nape of your neck and try to start the crimps as close to your hairline as you can. If you’re using your M+B hair extensions we’d recommend clipping them in before you start and crimping them together with your natural hair to get the best blend. You can then repeat the process until all your hair is crimped. To finish the look use some hair serum to smooth down the waves and some shine spray for a glossy finish.


How Christmassy is this one?! They used vintage necklaces and brooches to create this look at Dolce & Gabbana so if you don’t have loads of hair accessories you’ll need to get creative with your jewellery box...

To start sweep your hair into a low, messy bun and secure it with an elastic. You then want to backcomb your pony and twist it into a loose bun leaving the tail free. Secure this with hair pins and use some hairspray for hold. To complete the look you can add as many accessories, necklaces and jewels as you like for a totally party ready style.


We get that a lot of you guys will be going straight from work to the Christmas party so we thought we would include something super simple you could create in a rush. This messy bun is really simple but you can still make it dressy with some statement earrings or a bold lip colour.

To start simply comb all of your hair into a high pony and secure it with a hair elastic. Next use another hair tie to create a loop that will be the start of your bun, leaving the ends of your pony loose. You can then use some bobby pins to secure the ends of your hair into a messy bun. You want to make it as loose and textured as possible so that it’s not too small. To complete the look just use a dust of hairspray and you’re done.

We hope you loved these looks M+B babes! Let us know if you try any of these out :)