Curly Hair Extensions

Miley-Cyrus-Curly-HairCurly hair extensions can be easily achieved with a Dirty Looks full head set and a Babyliss Pro Curling Iron!

Curly hair extensions are a gorgeous look, but the perming process can be quite damaging to hair extensions and it doesn’t meet up to our high quality standards at Dirty Looks. Curly hair extensions that have been permed don’t tend to last as long as hair extensions which have not been permed so we think it’s best to protect your clip ins and add glamorous curls yourself using a curling iron! Adding the curls yourself can also allow you to match them to your own hair better for a more flawless finish!

Cheryl-Cole-Curly-Hair-ExtensionsFor big and bold, voluminous curls we recommend the Babyliss Pro 38mm Curling Iron! This look is bang on trend at the moment and it’s super easy to achieve … the bigger the hair the better!
Backcomb the roots of your own hair for super volume to keep in with the celebrity big hair trend! Fit your Dirty Looks hair extensions next and curl them in with your natural hair for a more seamless look!
Gently brush your hair and extensions through after styling if you want a looser, more natural finish.

Leona-Lewis-Curly-HairIf you want tighter, more defined curly hair extensions then we would recommend the Babyliss Pro 24mm Curling Iron! Using a smoothing serum on your curls after styling will give them a super smooth and defined finish!! For more versatility with your curly hair extensions, the Babyliss Pro Conical Styling Wand is a great option!!

Curly hair extensions work great as a day look and they can be fabulous for glamming up in the evening … and when you fancy a change from your curly hair extensions it’s really easy to just run your flat irons over them for a sleek and straight look!