Curling your Hair Extensions


Curling your hair extensions is super easy! We recommend against perming your hair extensions as the process can be damaging to the extensions and reduce their lifespan. Instead we suggest using a heat protectant spray and a curling iron.

Big Voluminous Curls

For big and voluminous curls we recommend the Babyliss 38mm curling iron. Backcomb the roots of your own hair for more volume. Fit your Milk+Bush extensions and curl them in with your natural hair. Gently brush through your hair and extensions after styling to gain a loose more natural finish.

Tighter Curls

For a tighter more defined curl we recommend the Babyliss Pro 24mm curling iron. We'd suggest using a smoothing serum on your curls after styling to give them a smooth and defined finish. To make your curls last longer, pin each curl after you've used the curling iron and let it set in place until cool.