Festival Hairstyles

With summer just around the corner, we've got festivals on our mind! We all love a music festival - the sun (hopefully), music and having fun with your friends. However, after 3 days camping in a muddy field (with limited washing facilities) it can be a little tricky to know how to style your hair to still look cute. But don't worry - we've come up with some cute and easy festival hairstyles for you to try this summer.  

Plait festival hairstyles

Plaits/ Braids

Plaits are a festival hairstyle staple : the options are endless! You could go for lots of baby plaits, fishtail braids, braided pigtails or a messy french braid. Whatever you go for they're a great way to get your hair out of your face and hide any greasiness! You can accessorise them with colourful clips, elastics and glitter to really capture the festival vibe!

Messy Low Bun

Let's be realistic - you're going to end up throwing your hair into a bun by the end of the day anyway! So why not take a little extra time to make it look cute? You could add a colourful scarf to make it even cuter - and again hide any greasiness!

Classic Ponytail

Ponytails may be easy but they can still look beautiful! They will save you a lot of time when you're getting ready - leaving you more time for the fun stuff! We recommend wrapping a small section of hair around the elastic to really finish off the look. If you want some added length and volume then try our clip in ponytails - they're super easy to put in and instantly improve your look.


By the last day of the festival you might be struggling for inspiration and feeling a little jaded. Nows the perfect time to whip out a headscarf for a super easy hairstyle that still looks cute. Wrap and tie the scarf around the top of your head and voila!