Festival + Travelling Hair Hacks

festival-and-travelling-hair-hacks-milk-and-blush-blogSummer is finally here (yay!) and with it comes festivals, backpacking, travelling and amazing adventures. To help you out this season we’ve compiled six hair hacks that will make your hair styling routine a little easier when you’re away from home so you can spend more time having fun and exploring - you’re welcome!

festival-travelling-hair-hacks-milk-and-blush-jen-atkin-beachy-wavesHack #1 - Prep your hair before you set off

Whether you’re off backpacking or heading to a festival, showers are going to be in short supply so it’s a good idea to prep your hair as much as possible before you leave home. Wait as long as you can to wash your hair before you leave to ensure it’s clean and fresh for as long as possible- if you’re setting off in the morning wash it last thing the night before. Be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner you’re used to - now is not to time for experimenting with new products and risk upsetting your hair.

We would also recommend giving your hair a nourishing hair mask treatment. This will make your hair super soft and hydrate the hair from the inside out making it lovely and healthy looking. Focus the product on the ends of your hair as rich products can often cause your roots to become oily quicker. Another way you can prep your hair is to use a leave in conditioner or hair oil on the ends of your hair. Again this will keep your hair hydrated and prevent damage and tangles while you’re away.

Finally, heat styling your hair into a super low maintenance look will give you a great base to work with when you’re away. We think flat iron waves are great for this as they add texture and volume without looking too glam. Simply clamp your hair with your flat iron near to the root and turn it away from your face a full 180°, then twist the iron towards your face in the same way. Repeat this back and forth motion all the way down the hair and finish by straightening the very ends for a more relaxed look. The great thing about this style is that it doesn't have to be perfect; if a few waves drop or go flat it actually adds to the overall look. You can also style your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions like this in advance. Simply style, store in their box and you’ve got styled hair on demand.

festival-travelling-hair-hacks-milk-and-blush-sleep-in-scrunchieHack #2 - Only pack what you need and keep it minimal

When you’re heading to a festival or travelling you don't want to be carrying huge, heavy luggage around with you so when it comes to your hair make a list of the products you absolutely need. Mini shampoo and conditioner are a given but these are the little extras we would pack…

  • Hair ties and bobby pins: You never know when you’ll want to change up your style or simply just get your hair out of your face

  • Mini dry shampoo: Your hair is going to get oily eventually so this is must!

  • Mini texturising or wave spray: This a great product to have on hand when you want to refresh your look and add texture but don't have access to heat tools, simply spray in and scrunch

  • Sample sizes of your must have products: If you have a product you simply can’t live without get your hands on a sample size. These contain the perfect amount of product for a trip away and you don't have to worry about carrying around bulky packaging

festival-travelling-hair-hacks-milk-and-blush-hair-hatsHack #3 - Create heatless texture

Creating texture in your hair looks great and is an amazing base for countless heatless hairstyles. One of our fave celeb hair stylists, Jen Atkin, has a genius way of creating textured waves using simply a wave spray and some clips. If it’s good enough for the Kardashians it’s good enough for us! Simply spray your hair with wave spray (you can also use salt spray or heat protection spray), push your hair up in sections and hold with clips, repeat all over the hair and leave to set for a few minutes. When you remove the clips you’ll be left with super cute natural looking waves. If you want more heatless hairstyle inspo click here for heatless hairstyles for short, medium and long hair.

festival-travelling-hair-hacks-milk-and-blush-hair-accessoriesHack #4 - Disguise oily roots with cute accessories

When those oily roots show up and dry shampoo just won’t cut it hide them with a cute hat, head scarf or even a flower crown. We love floppy sun hats and tying silk scarves around the hairline for this. While covering third or fourth hair they also complete your outfit. You’ll look so cute no one will suspect a thing.

festival-travelling-hair-hacks-milk-and-blush-dryer-sheets-and-vaselineHack #5 - Keep frizz and static at bay

Frizz and static can be a nightmare when you’re at a festival or travelling. Humidity and dry conditions can wreak havoc on your hair and we don’t want you having any Monica Geller moments while you’re away! To fix these hair woes in flash pack a few dryer sheets. These are designed to eliminate static on your clothes in the tumble dryer and they work in the same way on your hair. Simply smooth a sheet over the areas of frizz and static and watch it disappear -  the dryer sheets will also make your hair smell like fresh laundry which is bonus!

You can also use Vaseline to tame flyaways, smooth frizz and protect the ends of your hair. Vaseline is a great multi purpose product so you’ll probably have packed it or something similar already. The product will seal the cuticle of the hair to keep it smooth and even prevent against heat damage.

festival-travelling-hair-hacks-milk-and-blush-sleep-with-braidsHack #6 - Protect your hairstyle while you sleep

So we’ve covered taking care of your hair in the daytime, now it’s time for bed. As it’s unlikely that you’ll have access to heat tools you want to make sure that your hair stays in good shape while you sleep and you can do this by simply putting your hair up in different ways…

  • Sleep in braids: Loose braids will maintain any texture or wave in your hair.

  • Tuck your hair into a headband: Put a headband on like you would a hat then wrap your hair around it at the back. This technique will keep curls and waves intact.

  • Put your hair in a loose top knot and tie with a scrunchie: The scrunchie won’t leave a kink in your hair and as it’s made of fabric it wouldn't cause any friction which can lead to breakage and frizz.

These methods will prevent your hair tangling and becoming messy while you sleep so you can wake up with great hair every morning.

If you’re taking your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions away with you we wouldn't recommend you sleep in them so once you take them out pop them in their box or tie the wefts together with a hair tie to keep them safe.

Now you’re covered for your festival or travelling haircare so whatever you get up to this summer your hair be on point!Milk-and-Blush-Hair-Extensions-Dreamy-Hair-Take-Me-There-Blog-2