French Girl Hair Hacks


We’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve gone to bed with wet hair hoping to wake up like Clémence Poésy but waking up more like Edward Scissorhands. French girls make it look so effortless but getting that balance of done but totally undone is way harder than it looks. From finding the right products to keeping your hair in good condition these are the 7 French girl hair hacks you need to know.

Use Dry Shampoo For Texture

If your hair is fine and you struggle to get volume through the lengths then it’s worth using a dry shampoo to create lots of extra texture. Spray it from root to tip and then scrunch your hair for that lived in feel or if you need to, use your straighteners to work your hair into place.

Stick To The Ends

To get that cool French girl wave you really want to concentrate your styling tool at the end of your hair. Rather than a curl, create a bend with your straighteners by clamping them down in the mid lengths and then twisting the them away from you while pulling them down. The goal is for it to look like a natural wave so you’ll want to use different size sections and wave your hair in different directions to keep it from looking too polished.


Do The Twist

Hairstylist Nana Fischer told Harper's Bazaar that the key to those French girl waves is in the twist. This technique is really easy, you basically section your hair when it’s wet, then apply some leave in conditioner or serum, twist your hair and leave it to dry. This will create those 70s style waves if you twist them all away from your face but for a more textured look go in opposite directions. You can also create a similar style by twisting your hair into a low or high bun to create soft waves at the ends of your hair.

Wash Your Hair Less

Washing your hair less will keep your hair moisturised and improve your natural texture. Avoiding shampoos with alcohol or sulphates in them is a good shout too as stripping the oils out of your hair will leave it looking frizzy. Jeanne Damas, queen of the French girls, swears by the Klorane shampoo with oat milk as it gently cleanses your hair and leaves it super soft. In between washes use a leave in conditioner as it will keep your hair nourished and a light dry shampoo to remove oil and add texture.


Skip The Hair Dryer

If you want that natural texture you’re going to need to leave your hair to dry naturally and not reach for the hair dryer. So instead spray your locks with something like the Ouai Volumising Spray and leave it to dry naturally while scrunching the ends to create more texture.

Keep Your Cut And Colour Low Maintenance

Instead of bright pink hair or a high maintenance cut, you need to go for a style and a colour that are easy to look after and that will grow out effortlessly. Loose layers and blunt ends tend to be a go-to but if you want something different try Bardot bangs or a Chanel style bob.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

If you want those effortless French girl waves to look cool rather than dishevelled then you need to make sure your hair is super healthy. Regular trims, masks and being able to skip the heat are really important. This will also help to prevent frizz which can be a nightmare when you’re air drying your hair so it’s definitely worth it.