Hair Care for Self-Care

During this uncertain and confusing time, we are all taking steps to improve our daily habits around wellness and self-care; from trying new online workouts, practicing yoga & meditation, to making better food choices and thinking of new ways you can spend your time at home. 

So, why should we care about what we look like if we’re staying inside? The answer is simple. We need to inject an element of normality to our lives; it’s as simple as getting dressed and doing your hair that can make all the difference to our mental state - not to mention our productivity. 

Self-care starts from the top, so let us start at the root of it all. 

Cleanse your scalp

Hands up if you’re guilty of using dry shampoo after your home workouts - because, what’s the point in washing your hair to stay at home, right? Wrong. Using too much dry shampoo can cause product buildup. That’s the accumulation of hair product that weighs down your roots, thanks to things like dry shampoo, hairspray, and smoothing creams. 

Whilst it's great to let your scalp produce its natural oils, we recommend using a clarifying shampoo at least once a week (like Bumble + Bumble ‘Sunday Shampoo’), have a deep cleanse to dissolve unwanted residue and to keep your locks in tip-top condition from root to tip. 

A great product on the high street at the moment is ‘Roots’ from Lush. Not only will you smell like a Mojito, this thick creme masque is ultra cleansing and lightly exfoliating. The peppermint oils will give your hair some luxurious shine thanks to honey and extra virgin olive oil extracts. 

Cleanse your scalp

Apply a generous helping onto dry hair, focusing and massaging it into your scalp and roots. You’ll feel a slight tingle from the peppermint working its magic, then after 10 minutes, simply rinse and voilà.

Another great product is ‘Scalp Detox’ by Bumble & Bumble which does exactly what it says on the bottle. A lightweight foam cleanser for your scalp that's infused with micellar water gently cleanses your scalp without totally stripping away the hair's natural oils. It’s also enriched with caffeine and Vitamin E which prevents your hair from drying out, whilst the caffeine stimulates your roots and can encourage growth too! Win, win. The bottles small nozzle on it that allows precise application to your roots and it smells incredible!

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Heatless H(Air) Styling

We are all guilty of using too much heat when styling our hair, or forgetting to use a heat protector when we’re in a rush to get ready. Take this downtime to give your hair a break and take steps to get it back to amazing condition. Leave-in conditioners and hairstyling cremes are fantastic for locking in moisture and giving your hair movement once dry. 

One of our go-to products is Tigi’s ‘Ego Boost’ leave-in conditioner and split end mender. Trust us, it’s a hair gamechanger! A little goes a long way with this lightweight creme, simply apply two pumps after shampooing and smooth down your strands. Leave to dry and your hair will be soft, shiny and feel so light you’ll forget it’s there!

Bumble + Bumble’s ‘Don’t Blow It Air Styler’ range is available in ‘Thick’ and ‘Fine’ depending on your hair type. Not only is this creme super hydrating, it allows you to style your hair whilst damp and then leave it to air dry. The best part is that both options come packed with UVA/UVB protection, so your hair will be protected from any sun damage. A simple but effective styling tip for this product is to take sections of hair about 3-5 inches thick at a time, all you’ll need is a 5 pence sized amount of creme and smooth it into the section of hair, twist, repeat all around and wait to dry. Yes, you may look like Bob Marley for an hour or so whilst drying, but once dry and you’ve shaken out those twists, you are left with an effortless beachy wave style. 

Hair extensions? Check out our Leave-In Silicone Conditioner that helps maintain the softness of hair extensions whilst encouraging them to last longer.

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Wrap It Up

It’s common knowledge amongst hair enthusiasts that sleeping on a silk pillowcase will prevent damage, however, we all can’t afford to invest in a 100% silk pillow. Instead, why not on non-wash hair days wrap your hair up in a silk scarf for the day. Get creative with a statement headwrap or turban style. This simple tip will ensure that your hair stays smooth, with minimal static and frizz in between washes.

Relieve Some Pressure…Points

Did you know that we all have two small dimples at the back of our head, just above our ears? Tapping these pressure points can actually relieve stress and calm anxiety - something that we probably need now more than ever.

Gently press on these points for around 10 seconds, release the pressure for 10 seconds and repeat. You can do this as many times as you like or until you feel calmer. It may send you to sleep, but there’s nothing wrong with an ‘accidental’ nap in the afternoon is there?

Try New Styles

Now is the time to try out that hair tutorial you saw on TikTok or that pin you’ve had saved on your Pinterest board for months? Take some time for yourself to try out a few new hairstyles you have always wanted to try but never found the time. You may even find your new signature look!

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Happy styling!