Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

Not all of us are lucky enough to be blessed with a full head of healthy thick hair, so this next blog post goes out to those less fortunate and brings to life hair extensions for thin hair. It’s still super easy to wear hair extensions to add sumptuous thickness for hair that’s a little on the thin side.


Most people are put off or fearful of wearing hair extensions if their hair is thinning or they have very fine hair in fear that the little hair they have will disappear. Well ladies, you can rest assured as clip in hair extensions are, by far, your best option. No more damaging than tying your hair back into a tight ponytail (which I’m sure we all do whilst cleaning/ getting fit/ those days when you can’t be bothered doing anything with you hair etc etc), clip in hair extensions allow you to dramatically change your look within seconds. By clipping in some hair extensions you can take your hair from frail to fab in a matter of minutes, without harming a hair on your head! Whoop!

A few little tips for hair extensions for thin hair, my fine-haired troops, would be to firstly use a good quality conditioning treatment on your own hair to build up its strength and try and restore some healthiness back into your hair.
Secondly, it’s all about the fit! How you fit hair extensions for thin hair will ultimately decipher the end look of your hair, so it’s important to fit them correctly from the off. If you have had Dirty Looks hair extensions before you will have seen the hair care guide fitting instructions, for those of you who haven’t, hit the fitting illustration tab on the left side and you can see it there. Following our fitting guide will make it even easier to fit your hair extensions to transform your locks.


Start by sectioning your hair at the bottom of your head, so just above the nape of your neck. Backcomb all of the hair left down, as this is what you will be clipping the extensions onto. Once backcombed, lace with some hairspray, leave to dry for 5 seconds or so, then clip away. :) Continue this method to fit all of your hair extensions and your thin hair will be transformed into thick mermaid-like locks.

Once all of the extensions are in place,  it’s time to style the top of your hair to ensure it covers the clips of the extensions. This is simple, all you have to do is simply backcomb this section too!! Start from the back, backcomb, hairspray, leave hairspray to dry, then put the hair where you want it (I always flick my backcombed hair forward or the opposite way its meant to go so its upright and drys quicker!). Once the back is done, move on to front and sides and voila! Your thin hair becomes thicker covering the clips of your extensions so all together it just looks like you have an A List hairdo....What MORE could a girl want?! :)

Do you have problems fitting your hair extensions? Or do you find it difficult to wear hair extensions for thin hair? Let us know in the comment box below or head over to our Dirty Looks Facebook page and we’ll be happy to offer some advice :) <3