Hairstyles for Long Faces

Hairstyles for Long FacesIf you have a long or oblong face shape, the trick to finding a hairstyle to flatter your face and balance your features is to choose a cut that makes your face appear as oval as possible. Still searching for that perfect style? Then read on for the details on five Dirty Looks-approved hairstyles for long faces!

Hairstyles for long faces: Bangs

Hairstyles for Long FacesWhether they’re unashamedly thick and blunt like Liv Tyler’s or subtly sideswept, bangs are a no-brainer of a hairstyle choice for ladies with long faces. Not only are fringes bang on trend right now, but they’re particularly flattering on a long face shape as they help to disguise larger foreheads while adding some much-needed width to the brow area. For the best results, we recommend opting for a fringe that falls roughly a third of the way down your face - this is the magic formula for bangs that balance your features perfectly.

Hairstyles for long faces: Layers

Hairstyles for Long FacesAlthough long, straight, all-one-length hairstyles can sometimes serve to make long faces appear even longer, the right kind of long hair can be super flattering on a long face shape. Take the almighty Gisele Bündchen’s locks, for example; her much-coveted bouncy layers are an ideal hairstyle choice for long faces. This beautifully soft hairstyle’s piecey layers frame the supermodel’s face perfectly, rather than drawing the eye down the length of the hair like a straight, one-length style would.

Hairstyles for long faces: The lob

Hairstyles for Long FacesWant your new face-flattering hairstyle to be as Spring/Summer ‘14-appropriate as possible? Then make like your oblong-face-shape-sister Ashlee Simpson and try out a fashion-forward, medium length lob hairstyle this season. This oh-so-now hairstyle works really well on long faces as it creates the illusion of width at the sides of the face - especially if you happen to tuck an optimally-coiffed strand of hair behind your ear. Très chic! Part your tresses on the side like Ashlee for extra face-rounding effect.

Hairstyles for long faces: Waves and curls

Hairstyles for Long FacesAnother clever way to add some width to the sides of your face is to style your hair into voluminous curls, à la oblong faced beauty Kelly Rowland. Not only is this show-stopping, mermaid-like hairstyle for long faces ultra glamorous, but it also helps to make Ms Rowland’s face shape look much more balanced. If you do choose to copy Kelly’s wavy look, remember to avoid creating too much volume at the top of your head, as extra hair height can create the illusion that your face is even longer.

Hairstyles for long faces: Ombré

Hairstyles for Long FacesOkay, so ombre is technically a hair shade rather than a hairstyle, but it is nevertheless a fantastic choice if you have long hair and want to play down a long face - just ask Khloe Kardashian! Since our eyes are automatically drawn to the dark section of the hair, the dip-dyed effect works to focus our attention on the upper half of the hairstyle, magically making a long face appear shorter and more rounded. If you ask us Dirty Looks girls, this stands as further proof that long hairstyles can work on long faces!

Which of these hairstyles for long faces is your favourite?