Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Hairstyles for oval faces

If you have an oval face then we bow down to you, as you have the most versatile face shape which pretty much suits all hairstyles! But to guide you on which styles and cuts  flatter your long faces best, here’s a few suggestions on hairstyles for oval faces.

As we mentioned above, girls with oval faces can get away with most hairstyles but if you do want to distract attention from your long face shape, then choose hairstyles which aim to draw out the cheekbones and widen your face shape, rather than elongate it. Here are a few tips and celebrities to help you along the way…

Medium Hairstyles

Hairstyles for oval faces

Medium length is the most coveted length for this season and it makes a great hairstyle for oval faces, too. Not only does a shoulder-grazing haircut help to round off oval faces, it also provide plenty of volume and shape to your narrow jawlines.

Choppy Bangs

hairstyles for oval faces

Alexa Chung is the perfect advocate for oval faces. With a pair of choppy bangs and a shaggy bob to match (more on the latter, next) Miss Chung certainly knows how to add volume and give edge to her oval face, plus it instantly changes her face shape, too. If you are opting for bangs like Alexa, then make sure to keep them choppy and rounded around the corners to frame your face shape nicely.

Shaggy Bobs

Hairstyles for oval faces

Taking notes from Alexa Chung again, the shaggy bob is another hairstyle for oval faces that looks nonchalantly cool and super edgy. On a more serious note, shaggy bobs and choppy haircuts give the illusion of thicker hair and widen the face, especially around the jawline.

Side Partings

Hairstyles for oval faces

Although all partings suits oval faces (you lucky girls!), side partings are our particular favourite when it comes to hairstyles for oval faces. They cleverly add asymmetry to long faces and round them off perfectly.


hairstyles for oval faces

Want an updo to flatter your oval face shape? Then give the ponytail a whirl. The ponytail suits both those who want to embrace their face shape and those who wish to disguise it. Show off your face shape by opting for a scraped back pony or, choose a sleek side ponytail to frame your face and give your 'do more volume.


hairstyles for oval faces

Layers are perfect for framing oval faces- just take Kate Middleton for example. Plus, they instantly add volume to flat tresses whilst making your oval shape appear rounder, too. Choose long layers and give yourself a salon-worth blow dry to complete the look.

So there you have it- a whole host of hairstyles to flatter your perfectly proportioned face! Which hairstyle is your favourite?

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