Hairstyles for Square Faces

So, you’re thinking of getting a new haircut but not quite sure which cut will flatter your strong jawline? Before you head for the chop, take a look at our guide to hairstyles for square faces, inspired by some of our favourite celebrities!

Whether you want to embrace or mask your angular features, there’s plenty of hairstyles out there that will help to hide or show off what you love. But for those of you who wish to play down those chiselled cheekbones or to round out your square faces (you can find our post on hairstyles for round faces here), the key hairstyles for square faces are ones that will soften your angular features rather than accentuate them. Just take a look at this group of celebrities who show us how to do just that…


If there’s one girl who will make us fall in love with our square jawline, it’s going to be Jennifer Aniston. The actress knows exactly which hairstyles and cuts suit her face shape and flatter her angular features, especially that jawline. Layers are great for softening square faces and flattering the face shape. However, remember not to go too short with them, especially if you don’t want to widen your face. Instead, choose to have your layers beginning from your chin downwards.


Another hairstyle for square faces and a particular all-time favourite of ours, is wavy hair. Tousling your hair into tumbling, beachy waves will not only add texture and softness to your angular face shape, it’s also an incredibly sexy hairstyle, too.

Eye-skimming Bangs

Girls with square faces needn’t be afraid of sporting a mean set of bangs as there’s a ray of different fringes to suit your face shape, and one in particular we love for you are eye-skimming bangs. This hairstyle for square faces helps to draw attention to your eyes and away from your jawline, whilst take the edge off angular lines (blunt bangs will only serve to square your face even more). Take bang inspiration from square face beauty, Cameron Diaz.


The ‘lob’ is another favourite hairstyle for square faces. As seen on Heidi Klum, the lob aims to elongate the face and draw attention away from your wide features. And, what’s more, it’s bang-on trend for this season!

Off Centre Parting

Parting your hair in an off centre parting is a clever tip to softening square faces and giving the illusion of a rounder face shape. as demonstrated on the stunning Olivia Wilde.

Angled Bob

If you’ve been pondering over the idea of having a short bob or a pixie crop, then there’s no excuse not to go for it! Take inspiration from Keira Knightley and opt for an angular bob as opposed to a blunt cut. Not only will this cut frame your face perfectly, it will also help to elongate your face, too. Meanwhile, if it’s a pixie crop you have in mind, make sure you keep plenty of height on top to balance out your cut and face shape.

Some of these styles may require a little more hair length than you've already got but that's fine, just check out our hair extension lengths and get those extra few inches you need to achieve the perfect look!

And, that’s a wrap- our guide to hairstyles for square faces! Which hairstyle have you chosen to flatter your face shape?