Hairstyling Mistakes You’re Making & How To Correct Them


There are a few basic styling mistakes we’re calling you out on today that don’t sound like a big deal but can make a massive difference to how your hair looks. They’re not at all complicated though and it’s really easy to make these changes and see the benefits straight away. These will also help to protect your hair from damage, reduce frizz and make all your hard work last way longer so it’s totally worth it.


Hairstyling Mistake #1: You’re Applying Too Much Product

The problem: If you apply too much product it can really weigh down your hair, making it look greasy and totally impossible to style. This is definitely true of oil and serums as they’re really thick and often sit on top of the hair rather than sinking in.

The solution: Knowing exactly how much product to apply is really important if you want to get the best results. You also want to keep oils and serums concentrated at the ends of your hair and avoid oversaturating your roots with product. Most products will have a guideline on the back but if you’re not sure then click here to read our post on exactly how much product you should be using.


Hairstyling Mistake #2: You’re Not Letting Your Hair Cool

The problem: After heat styling your hair it’s really important that you let it cool in place before you start brushing it or running your hands through it. This is especially important with curls but it can also make freshly straightened hair bend out of place too.

The solution: If you’re curling your hair just make sure to hold the curl in your hand for a few seconds before letting it drop to give it a little extra staying power. Alternatively, for really long lasting waves you can pin the curl up using a bobby pin to cool completely. If you’re straightening then we’d recommend picking up some no bend hair clips which stylists use to keep the hair around your face in perfect position as it cools.


Hairstyling Mistake #3: You’re Not Using The Right Elastic

The problem: It’s really important that you use the right hair elastic depending on the look you’re going for. High ponytails can drop when you try to wrap a traditional hair elastic around them and they often don’t have a lot of staying power.

The solution: For really high, snatched ponytails we would recommend using a bungee elastic as you don’t have to pull your hair through so it’s easier to hold it in place.


Hairstyling Mistake #4: You’re Holding Your Heat Tools On For Too Long

Problem: Over styling your hair can really dry it out and lead to frizz and damage. One of the main culprits is clamping your styling tools onto your hair for way too long or repeatedly running the straighteners over your strands.

Solution for a Curling wand: You need to start by seasoning the hair which is when you gently run the curling wand down the section to warm it up before curling. This will make your hair more malleable and help the curl to last longer. Once you’ve done this you can then curl your hair starting from the mid length rather than the ends and hold the tong on for around 10 seconds to get the shape and to avoid damage.

Solution for Straighteners: With hair straighteners you want to avoid running them over your hair again and again so it’s important to get it straight within 2 to 3 passes. Before you start, take your section and brush it through to remove any tangles. You then want to use the straighteners behind the brush so that as you pull them through the section your hair is evenly distributed on the plates. This will also prevent them from pressing in any knots which will stop you getting that super sleek finish.


Hairstyling Mistake #5: You’re Skipping The Hairspray

The problem: There’s nothing worse than spending hours on your hairstyle only for it to fall flat once you’re done. Not prepping your hair for the long haul is one of the biggest styling mistakes and can undo all of your hard work really quickly.

The solution: You definitely want to use hairspray every time you style to hold everything in place and add loads of shine. You can also use it to tame flyaways and neaten up your look by spraying it onto a toothbrush and it’s the best defense against frizz.

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