Halloween Hairstyles

We love Halloween here at Dirty Looks so we’ve put together our fave Halloween hairstyles for this year for you. Take a look below to see which of these looks takes your fancy. Scene Hairstyle Halloween-Hairstyles-Scene-Hair First up, we have a scene hairstyle for you; this is a fun look for Halloween as you can play around with your costume for the perfect scene look. When your costume is ready, it’s time to style your hair. First, you need to decide whether you want to keep with your natural hair shade or whether you want to play around with some bright and bold shades! We think both looks are awesome Halloween hairstyles. You can even add in some animal print for a really unique scene hairstyle. Whatever you decide to do, the key to this look is backcombing (and lots of it!), but we also recommend fitting your hair extensions to give that extra oomph! So, fit your hair extensions first and then use your hair straighteners to create a poker straight style. Next, you need to get backcombing your own hair (be sure not to backcomb your hair extensions though!) for a real scene look! Backcomb your hair so that it’s big and bold and then finish your style with a spritz of hairspray to ensure it holds. Pop in a hair bow to really set the look off. ♥ You can easily adapt this scene hairstyle for a punk fairy look too. Just accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! Vamp Hairstyle Halloween-Hairstyles-The-Vamp Next up, in our choice of Halloween hairstyles, we have the vamp hairstyle. We love this look when it’s worn with loads of curls or waves, and oodles of volume. We think the vamp hairstyle looks best with dark brown or black hair, or with bright auburn locks, but you can work the vamp hairstyle with any shade you fancy. If you want more of a waved vamp look, style your hair and your hair extensions using a large barrelled tong, but if you want tighter curls then we would recommend the conical wand or a small barrelled tong. For extra volume, backcomb the roots of your own hair and apply a little hairspray to these roots before fitting the hair extensions and styling. Mess up your curls a little using your fingers for a more boho finish. Vintage pin-up hairstyles Halloween-Hairstyles-Finger-Waves Vintage hairstyles are a huge hair trend at the moment and there’s no reason you can’t bring a vintage icon back to life this Halloween with one of our vintage pin-up hairstyles; we think finger waves and victory rolls are perfect for your vintage pin-up look. So, if you want to wear your hair down this Halloween, then finger waves could be the perfect look for you. Finger waves look gorgeous with all different hair lengths, so if you have bobbed hair, you can thicken up your locks with 12-14” hair extensions, or if you hair is longer, then 16-18” hair extensions would work well for this 1920’s style. We think this style looks best with a deep side parting, so if you choose a side parting, you may have to play around with the positioning of your extensions. Once your extensions are fitted, follow our step-by-step Great Gatsby Finger Wave hair tutorial to create your Halloween hairstyle. Halloween-Hairstyles-Victory-Rolls If you prefer an updo then victory rolls are gorgeous vintage pin-up hairstyles! The finished look of this style if pretty incredible, but they are actually a lot easier to create than they look! (Which is always good news!) So why not give this classic 40’s style a go this Halloween? Decide where you want to position your victory rolls before you start styling … you might want to wear one large victory roll on the front of your head, or you might like to choose to wear reverse victory rolls on the side of your head … the choice is yours. Once you’re decided, you can part your hair and follow our Victory Rolls tutorial. ♥ So those are our top picks for Halloween hairstyles this year … which look is your favourite? Will you be rocking a different hairstyle this Halloween? Leave us a comment or tweet us.