How to Disguise Root Regrowth

Whether you’re a bottle blonde or a faux brunette, there’s one pesky - yet inevitable - thing that’s sure to ruin the effect of your dye job: root regrowth. Not in a position to hit the hairdresser’s for a colour top up straight away? Don’t fret - just read on for our Milk + Blush guide to how to disguise root regrowth…

How to disguise root regrowth: Tip #1

How to Disguise Root RegrowthHere’s a tip for all the not-so-natural blondes out there: if you want to stop your mismatched roots revealing your natural hair colour to all and sundry, you’ll need to make sure that your locks are clean at all times. Not only does excess oil make tresses look flat and lifeless, it also serves to make roots appear even darker, throwing the spotlight on your unfortunate hair predicament. Since it’s kinder on hair not to wash it every day, we suggest using a dry shampoo like the Tigi Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo to refresh hair between washes. This grease-busting spritz even helps to make roots appear lighter, so it’s doubly effective for disguising root regrowth.

How to disguise root regrowth: Tip #2

How to Disguise Root RegrowthNo matter what colour you’ve dyed your hair, if you want to disguise root regrowth, it could be worth taking your parting into consideration. If you always part your hair in the same position, the area will flatten over time, making grown-in roots even more noticeable. The solution is to try parting your locks in a different place. Whether you opt for a deep side parting or a hippie-chic middle part, the extra volume that your new parting brings should help to disguise root regrowth instantly! For ultimate root-masking effect, we suggest giving a ditsy zig-zag parting a whirl. The texture these haphazard partings create works like a charm to draw the eye away from root regrowth.

How to disguise root regrowth: Tip #3

How to Disguise Root RegrowthAs you may have guessed from the previous tip on how to disguise root regrowth, volume is essential for down-playing attention-seeking roots. Therefore, if you’re between salon visits and a special occasion is looming near, we recommend ditching sleek, straight styles in favour of bouncy blowouts and voluminous curls. These body-boosting ‘dos help to create extra lift, disguising root regrowth in the most stylish way possible! To get the look, flip your head upside down before blow-drying your tresses, and then style your locks with curling tongs, or - even better - heated rollers. You can even backcomb your hair at the crown to make your root regrowth even less noticeable.

How to disguise root regrowth: Tip #4

How to Disguise Root RegrowthAnother simple, fun way to disguise root regrowth is to embrace your inner crafty chick and create your own homemade root concealers. It might sound strange, but some of your everyday makeup products can help to hide marauding roots - and, fortunately for us, they work just as well as more expensive root-masking formulas. To disguise root regrowth on hair that’s been dyed blonde, we suggest sprinkling hair with a translucent face powder. On the other hand, a touch of dark eyeshadow is perfect for hiding root regrowth on brown or black hair. For hair that’s been dyed red, a little crushed up bronzer does wonders to conceal mismatched roots - just try it and see!

We hope these tips on how to hide root regrowth help you to put off that expensive salon appointment for another few weeks! Do you have any of your own tips on how to disguise root regrowth?